ITV Im A Celeb star Nella Rose returns to camp after being rushed to see medics

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! campmate Nella Rose has returned to the I'm A Celebrity camp – after becoming exempt from the latest Bushtucker Trial at the very last moment.

Viewers had been voting for the Trial In Too Deep which was an underwater trial.

But as Ant and Dec went into camp, Dec said: "Now unfortunately, Nella is being seen by the medic so she'll be back later, but it means she's now exempt from this trial. So let's go in there and see who will be doing it."

The duo then revealed Nick Pickard and Nigel Farage would be doing the trial.

With Nella AWOL some fans had begun to speculate that she may follow Grace Dent in quitting the show today.

But in a new statement an ITV spokesman said: "During last night's live broadcast, Nella Rose required medical treatment on site and was deemed unable to take part in the trial.

"Nella has since rejoined camp."

In Tuesday night's episode Nella had shown no signs of illness. Some viewers who voted for her to do the trial were asking on social media what had happened and why they hadn't been told earlier as they had wasted their votes and in some cases their money voting.

"So we’re honestly supposed to believe that in the 15 minutes between announcing the vote was open to the closure of it, #Nella had to see the medic? Utter garbage. #ImACeleb," one fan fumed.

Another said: "Nella being with medics all of a sudden thats strange and being exempt #ImACeleb."

"Nella is mysteriously ill at the last second because she knew she'd be up again after that p**s poor performance tonight #ImACeleb," a third person commented.

Others were concerned for the star and hope she recovers soon, as one fan said: "Get well soon Nella #imaceleb."

It comes as Ant and Dec couldn't contain their frustration over Nella and Frankie Dettori's performance in the previous trial, with both struggling at the pair's inability to win any stars.

Nella, who was in her tank at the Misery Motel with a bunch of snakes, had to take Frankie's codes and try them on a series of locks one by one.

As the pair emerged with zero stars, Ant ended up admitting his true feelings as he faux-raged to the camera: "I'm very angry at how they performed in that trial. What was the strategy man?"

"No I'm not angry, I'm furious!" Ant went on dramatically. "You guys [the crew] put so much effort into these trials. What the hell is wrong with these people? It drives me insane. All of you…"

"We need to do a little bit of mindfulness, always works to calm him down," Dec joked.

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues every night at 9pm on ITV

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