Netflix shares tense trailer for The Crown’s season 6 teasing Princess Di death

Netflix has finally dropped the first look at the new episodes of The Crown.

The first instalment of the sixth and final series will drop on November 16, with the remaining six episodes nearer the end of the year in December. However fans caught their first glimpse of the action to come, and it's nothing short of breathtaking.

The trailer picks up where the fifth series left off, a newly divorced Princess Diana seeking help from the late Mohammed Al-Fayed. We see her (played by Elizabeth Debicki) playing a haunting tune on a grand piano whilst in a luxury location on the Mediterranean.

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Along with flashes and clicks of photographers, the character ominously explains: "I don't understand how I really ended up here, dashing around and loosing sight of myself in the process."

We also see the recreation iconic scenes from 1997, where she sits in the blue bikini at the end of the super yacht's diving board, alone and isolated and reflecting on the end of her marriage.

We later see the character complaining about intrusion into her private life as Her Late Majesty, The Queen (played by Imelda Staunton) receives a briefing from her private secretary about her activities.

The late Princess Of Wales is depicted as trying to hide and cover her face with her sunglasses as a desperate young Prince William (played by Ed McVey) attempts to comfort his mother over the phone.

She answers: "It has all been a bit mad recently," as she receives the invitation from Dodi Al-Fayed (played by Salim Daw) to fly to Paris. A haunting cover version of the Tears For Fears track Mad World starts to play as The Queen explains to the Princess that she started a "revolution".

However tragedy soon strikes as the lights of Balmoral suddenly switch on and the phone lines ring off the hook as news of Diana's death is relayed to the royal household. The clip harks back to similar scenes from the 2006 biopic, The Queen – also written by Peter Morgan – in which Her Majesty grappled with the grief of the country, the internal grief of the family and sticking with tradition in an unprecedented time.

In dramatic scenes, she asks a then-Prince Charles (played by Dominic West) what people want from her. He declared they want her to be "mother to the nation", as scenes of public outpourings of grief flash up on screen.

Her Majesty is seen dressed in her black mourning outfit flying back to London from the highlands, just as tears stream down the face of Mohammad Al-Fayed (played by Salim Daw) as he buries his son after the tragic Paris car crash.

As Prince Charles explains on the morning of her death: "This is going to be the biggest thing that any of us have ever seen," viewers were treated to one last haunting recreation of the Princess on her holiday in Sardinia in 1997 as the trailer comes to it's conclusion.

With no doubts as to the subject of the upcoming series, this proves to be the most controversial and spellbinding yet.

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