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SUNI and Jai Sharma had a shock when their father and Rishi's younger brother Amit rocked up the village.

But upon his arrival in Emmerdale, the newcomer comes face to face with another iconic villain in the ITV soap.

Former EastEnders star Anil Goutam has recently joined the line-up of the Yorkshire-based drama as Amit Sharma, while his Walford death is still rocking the Square.

Earlier this year, Amit was revealed to be both Suni and Jai Sharma's biological father after the latter found out he had been adopted by Rishi at an early age.

Jai's mother Georgia had an affair with Amit which ultimately led to his birth and adoption, a hard truth Rishi revealed before tragically passing away.

However, next week, Jai (portrayed by Chris Bisson) could get the chance to know his biological father – will he take it?

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Coming up, Amit is secretly pleased when Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) asks him to stay in the country but the hunk is incredulous with his attempts to emotionally blackmail him.

Suni is also conflicted when a comforting Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) asks what’s wrong.

Nicky’s agog as Suni offloads and it becomes clear he wants the whole thing to go away.

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Later, Jai’s wary of Amit as he recalls old tales while Suni’s prickling with unease as his father tries to play happy families with them all.

The following day, Suni’s worried to know Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) and Amit are due to have dinner.

Whilst Nicky’s nervous as he and Caleb head up to Holdgate, Caleb and Amit size each other up as they meet for dinner.

Nicky and Suni exchange looks, hoping certain things won’t make things tense around the dinner table.

Caleb, Suni, Amit and Nicky eat together and as they discuss their respective sons, there’s some bristling between Amit and Caleb.


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Nicky’s taken aback when Amit reopens old wounds and questions his ill-fated relationship with Gabby Thomas – what will he respond?

The atmosphere turns icy as Caleb and Nicky make a hasty exit and Suni is less than pleased with his father.

Caleb’s intrigued when Nicky hints at Amit having skeletons in his closet – could he be tempted to dig them out?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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