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CHANNEL 5 has issued another mid-series schedule shake-up with one of its most popular programmes.

The Hotel Inspector has been affected by a major switch-up at the broadcaster which has seen half of its current series ditched from airing.

Channel 5 have dropped the rest of the current edition of the Alex Polizzi fronted show at the last moment.

Instead, the network has said the rest of the series will play out at a later date.

Only three episodes from this year's series have been broadcast.

The unusual move follows a growing trend at the channel which has seen them alter, change and drop programmes mid-way through their current run.

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The Hotel Inspector has been a strong ratings winner for the broadcaster and is one of their longest running shows.

It sees expert Alex cast her beady eye over failing and bad-rated hotels in order for her to knock them back into tip-top shape.

She advises them on everything from finances to decor to extra services in order to get the hotels full again and making some profit.

The show made its debut in 2005 with Ruth Watson before Alex took over the reigns in 2008.

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Its latest series was its eighteenth edition and still appears to be proving popular with fans.

Channel 5 have made last-minute editorial and scheduling changes all year long.

It follow's last month's bizarre decision around astronaut Tim Peake and his new programme for the channel.

Having aired just two episodes of the series, Channel 5 bosses decided to refresh the show whilst still on air.

It meant the show has been given a brand new name – differing from that in TV listings.

Originally titled Secrets of the Universe, the programme was switched to be known as Tim Peake: Living In Space going forward.

It is not the first time Channel 5 has made such a switch-up.

Clare Balding's missing dog programme featured the same treatment earlier this year.

The show underwent a huge change for its final episode.

Previously titled Lost Dogs Live with Clare Balding, the programme adopted a brand new title for the final edition of the series.

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The show was named 'Lost Dog, Found Dog with Clare Balding'.

Despite the switch, Clare appeared to forget the show's new title multiple times as she continually referred to it by its former name.

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