Biden demands Israel delay any ground offensive as tragic hostage text revealed

Israeli Air Force release footage of mortar bomb being used

US President Joe Biden is calling on Israel to delay its ground invasion of Gaza as the country pushes to take out Hamas.

Israel has been at war with Hamas after the terror group’s violent attacks on October 7, killing 1,400 civilians.

In response, Israel has ramped up airstrikes on the enclave killing over 5,000 civilians, according to the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza.

Troops were preparing to invade Gaza to root out Hamas militants, but sources now tell NBC that Washington is urging Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli military to delay.

One source said that Mr Biden does not want to challenge the Israeli military but is worried about challenges regarding the release of the 222 hostages in Gaza as well as delivering aid.

Another source claimed: “We’re helping answer those tough questions and making sure that they have clear objectives.”

It comes after Ofri Bibas Levy revealed Whatsapps from her brother, Yarden Bibas, who has been kidnapped by Hamas.

He has being held alongside his wife, Shiri, and two young children.

She told Sky News: “I told him to keep the kids quiet. He said ‘we’re trying, but it’s hard. They are babies’.

“Then he said he could hear a lot of gunfire right outside their house, and terrorists screaming in Arabic.”

A spokesperson for the State Department said: “As a general matter, we don’t comment on private diplomatic conversations.”

US President reportedly gave his private blessing for Israel to launch the invasion when he met with Israeli PM Netanyahu last week.

Israel’s ground invasion into Gaza seems inevitable after comments made by the country’s defence minister last week.

Yoav Gallant was talking to his troops when he said: “There is no forgiveness for this thing. Only total annihilation of Hamas organisation, terror infrastructures, everything that has to do with terrorists and whoever sent them.

“It will take a week, it will take a month, it will take two months, until we eliminate them.

“You are not alone in battle. We trust you and count on you. Carry on training while there is time, get organised, be prepared, the command will come.

“Thanks guys, we count on you, good luck.

“And anyone who now sees Gaza from a distance will soon see it from inside, I promise you.”

This is a breaking news story. More updates to follow..

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