Council workers stung by speed camera set up by their own bosses

New speed camera catches nearly 40 council workers after it was set up by their own bosses with no signs warning of the 30mph limit

  • The 30mph speed camera was set up by council bosses in June this year
  • 38 council members have been stung by the camera 
  • Councilors have said the lack of signage is catching people out  

More than 30 council workers have been stung by a new speed camera their own bosses put in place without making it clear with signage that the camera had been set up. 

The speed camera device was positioned at a busy junction to catch out drivers breaking the 30mph limit on busy city roads. 

But also caught out were the council’s own staff, with 38 notices of intended prosecution issued to Cardiff council vehicles. 

The new move faced a backlash from councilors who claimed that motorists were getting caught out due to a lack of signage in the first week.     

Cllr Caro Wild, cabinet member for climate change at Cardiff Council, said council vehicles were snapped at Western Avenue junction in Cardiff.

The speed camera was put in place by council bosses 

A freedom of information request showed more than 4,200 notices had been dished out in a week

The number of notices fell by 623 the following week when signage was put in place

A freedom of information request made to South Wales Police found that 4,293 Notices of Intended Prosecution between June 26 to July 3.

Conservative councilor Sean Driscoll said that if drivers were alerted then fines would decrease

A new speed limit sign was then attacked to the camera by July 3 – and the number of notices dropped to just 623 for the following week.

Conservative councilor Sean Driscoll said: ‘This clearly shows that if the vast majority of drivers were alerted to the changes, less people would have been fined, including possibly some of our hard pressed staff.’

Western Avenue has been a 30mph zone since 2021 a red warning sign on the bridge before the speed camera.

But drivers argued the sign was not clear enough and that its bilingual format made it difficult to read as they drove past.

Cardiff Council said motorists should know that street lighting indicates a 30mph zone is in place as outlined in the Highway Code.

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