‘Human pincushion’ survives brutal fall onto five steel bars impaling his torso

A man dubbed the "human pincushion" miraculously survived a fall which left him impaled on five steel bars.

An incident at a construction site in Changzhi, China, left one worker with the metallic beams jutting out of him. Firefighters and co-workers of the pierced bloke were on hand to launch a rescue mission to alleviate him from his steel prison.

Attempting to cut through the steel bars with their tools proved extremely difficult due to the positioning and the way he had fallen. Instead, firefighters began using a special hydraulic expander.

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Rather than cut the worker out with their tools, firefighters began bending the bars with the hydraulic expanders. Co-workers of the human pincushion began aiding the emergency services with their own tools.

Two hours of gruelling effort later and the man was freed from the steel bars, with all five rods successfully removed. The unnamed worker received medical aid at the scene of his accident.

An ambulance on standby then rushed the man to hospital following the aid he received at the construction site in China's northern Shanxi Province. The man is in a stable condition and remains hospitalised after the horror fall on Monday, October 16.

Eyewitnesses were impressed by the bloke, who managed to grit his teeth and bear the pain of being extracted from the metal rods at the time. The painful rescue left the bloke in need of immediate medical attention, but he was reportedly as cool as can be at the time of the incident.

Local authorities announced they would conduct a thorough investigation into the accident. Should they find any indication of breaches into health and safety laws, they will take action.

A comprehensive safety inspections conduct review is set to be carried out also, in the hopes it will prevent similar incidents from happening in future. Long-running worries of construction safety in China has seen the country hit by experts.

A February 2023 survey in China showed the country had 600 million buildings in total, with some described as "tofu-dreg", meaning the properties were poorly built and may have construction flaws. At least 11 people were killed in a roof collapse in China earlier this year, with those inside having "nowhere to hide" from the debris.

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