I’m one of the world’s tallest men – my head pokes out of my car sunroof & I outgrew adult clothes at 12…now I want love | The Sun

ONE of the world’s tallest men who outgrew his adult clothes at 12 is now on the lookout for love after getting bored of poking his head out the sunroof alone.

Jannik Konecke, 23, is officially Germany’s tallest man at a staggering 7ft 4in and is treated like a celebrity in his home town.

The enormous man has never had a girlfriend before but says now’s the time for him to settle down.

He doesn’t care about the height of his new lover and thinks as long as they have a good personality they’ll get along fine.

Jannik does understand why some women would be put off by Germany’s biggest celebrity.

He said on a YouTube documentary about himself: “What’s very difficult is being in the public eye.



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“Not everyone can handle that but it’s my life and I’ll be saying, okay people, yes of course we can take a photo.”

The giant man can’t fit through average sized doors and has no chance squeezing into normal cars or throwing on a regular man’s shirt and tie.

Ever since he was 12 clothes simply became too small as Jannik measured a whopping 8XL meaning only certain stores even consider stocking his much needed outfits.

For trousers he can find a handful of options online and in store but it's tops where the big man comes up short with nothing on the market.

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Jannik, who lives in Hannover, was always a tall child but thinks he started to grow above normal when he was averaging out 24 yogurts and 12 litres of milk a week.

Getting a job was always hard for Jannik as normal things don’t often suit him.

He tried his big hands at being a system mechanic but when he came up short with that he aimed a little bigger and tried being a professional wrestler, following in the similarly large footsteps of Andre the Giant and The Great Khali.

After failing at that and at being an extra plus size model he’s began focusing on becoming the world’s tallest bodybuilder and being a social media megastar.

He’s regularly in the gym training, trying to somehow get an even bigger frame.

On the social media side of things he’s found a lot of success.

With 29,000 Instagram followers and 142,000 TikTok followers, social media is now his full time job.

His most seen TikTok has 7.2million views and shows a small woman trying on his massive 18.5 size shoes.

His other popular videos with millions of views show him holding normal sized things in his huge hands and dwarfing them in an unbelievable way.

He has dreams of one day becoming a movie star and starring in adverts so people see the big friendly giant for what he really is and not just his height.

The tallest person ever is Sultan Kösen, who stands at 8ft 3in, almost a whole foot taller than Germany’s giant.

He travelled to Moscow in 2021 in a fresh bid to find himself a new bride who can “adore him forever”, after his first marriage to a 5ft 9in woman ended in divorce after several years.

Guinness World Records says it's recorded only ten confirmed or reliable cases of people being over 8ft in history.

They’ve also noted just 50 people being over 7ft 5in on the planet today.

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Rumeysa Gelgi, 25, stands at an incredible 7ft 0.7in and has a rare genetic disorder called Weaver syndrome, which causes her to grow.

She’s officially the world’s tallest woman and likes being different.

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