Inside scene of slaughter where Israeli Harry Potter fan Noya Dan was murdered

Disturbing images show the blood-soaked home of a young Harry Potter fan who was murdered by Hamas terrorists alongside her grandmother.

Large patches of dried blood stain the floor of the family home in Nir Oz kibbutz – located near the border of Gaza – after it was stormed by militants.

Autistic youngster Noya Dan, 12, and her gran Carmela Dan, 80, were reported missing on October 7. Her devastated family later confirmed they had been found dead by rescuers.

In the horrific images released by police today, toys and furniture are seen scattered throughout hallways and walls have been left covered in bulletholes and streaked with blood after the barbaric assault by terrorist monsters on the innocent family.

In one haunting image, a child’s bunk bed is soaked in blood – with red splatters visible on the white wallpaper behind.

It is now been revealed as the home is where young Harry Potter fan Noya and her grandma lived; the rooms where the family once enjoyed peaceful time together, now reduced to a barbaric scene of indescribable brutality.

The images were released on Thursday as Israel prepares to launch a ground assault on the Gaza Strip in a bid to stamp out Hamas.

Noya’s heartbreaking story had already captured international when Harry Potter author JK Rowling called for hostages to be set free.

Rowling shared a photo of Noya wearing a Hogwarts costume on X and wrote in the caption: “Kidnapping children is despicable and wholly unjustifiable.”

The Hamas invasion has so far led to the deaths of over 1,300 people with 2,800 left wounded.

The group has taken around 200 Israeli soldiers and civilians hostage, including as many as 13 Americans.

Israel has now sealed off Gaza and launched sustained retaliatory airstrikes, which have killed at least 1,400 people with more than 400,000 civilians displaced.

Hamas has prompted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare war and announce an emergency wartime government.

As the conflict escalates, more and more civilians are left without homes and without necessary food and water.

While President Joe Biden announced humanitarian aid would be entering Gaza on Wednesday, aid is yet to arrive.

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