Israel unmasks mystery Hamas mouthpiece at ‘top of their kill list’ who called for hostages to be executed on camera | The Sun

ISRAEL has exposed the identity of Hamas' mysterious mouthpiece, revealing footage of a man who has kept his face hidden for 20 years.

The IDF are hunting Abu Obaideh, spokesperson for the terror group, after he announced their plan to broadcast executions of Israeli hostages.

Israel's military released a clip online that they claim reveals the terrorist's real face, which he has covered for every appearance since 2006.

Senior Israeli officer Avijaa Adraei wrote on X, formerly Twitter, "This is the so-called Hudhayfah Kahlot, who hides behind the nickname Abu Ubaida.

"He and other leaders of #ISIS_Hamas like to hide inside tunnels and behind women and children, as well as behind masks and shadows.

"It is time to stop covering up. The mask and keffiyeh will not help you and your organisation to hide the blows you are suffering and the fate of those who remain."



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Alongside it was a video of a man wearing a keffiyeh – a traditional headdress that covers the face – which is then removed to reveal his features.

The terror group's spokesman first appeared almost 20 years ago when, in a chilling echo of recent horrors, he announced the capture of an Israeli soldier.

In an audio clip released on October 9, following Hamas' brutal attacks on Israel, he issued a terrifying call to action for the terror group to broadcast hostage killings in "audio and video".

He said "Every targeting of our people who are safe in their homes without warning, we will regretfully meet with the execution of our enemy’s civilian hostages".

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Hamas fanatics stormed the Israeli border in a brutal ambush on October 7, murdering and kidnapping hundreds of men, women and children.

The Israeli military says that at least 200 hostages are currently being held captive in Gaza.

It's feared many of the captives are being held in Hamas' mysterious 311-mile maze of underground tunnels that Lifshitz described as a "spider web".

The terror group also killed babies and burned entire families alive in several villages, including Kfar Aza and Be'eri where some infants were reportedly found beheaded.

More than two weeks on, Israel is facing the horrific task of identifying mutilated bodies, including burned babies.

And as they hunt Obaideh, IDF forces claim to have killed several top commanders in the extremist group.

Dramatic footage shows them storming a checkpoint to rescue hostages, gunning down 60 Hamas terrorists.

They are also blitzing the Gaza Strip with renewed intensity as their expected ground invasion looms ever-nearer.

Gaza's health ministry says more than 5,000 have been killed since Israel began its bombardment of the densely-populated enclave.

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