Mia Khalifa slammed after repeating ‘army is worse than selling racy snaps’

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    Former adult star Mia Khalifa has doubled down on her assertion that being in the armed forces is worse than flogging racy snaps online.

    In 2022 the Lebanese-American model, 30, made the claim in an interview on US chat show Ziwe. She said: "I think that selling your body, like if we are going by that definition, being in the army is worse… You're selling your body to the government."

    In recent weeks Mia has been repeatedly sharing social media posts in support of Palestine as the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to escalate. She has long been vocally pro-Palestine.

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    Over the weekend she reposted the clip from her 2022 interview in response to a post on X (formerly Twitter) from comedian Marcella Arguello, which read: "Who else remembers being against the Iraq war and people being like 'oh wow so you don't SUPPORT OUR TROOPS?!?!'

    "And then having the most dumb conversation about being anti-American when you were just anti-killing innocent people. Anyway this feels like that."

    Mia's reaction to the post, reaffirming her stance that military service "is worse" than selling racy snaps online, sparked backlash on X. One reply read: "Both are terrible. However one is way more respectable. Soldiers give up their human rights so you can have yours…"

    Another said: "Says the woman who is allowed to expose herself for cash based on the freedoms provided by our service members. You’ve never sacrificed a thing for anyone other than yourself. You are a sad excuse for a person." A third added: "You shouldn’t post this on Veterans Day, it’s disrespectful."

    Others agreed with Mia. One reply read: "As a veteran I 100% support this narrative. People who do OnlyFans still control their own autonomy. Military members don’t get any say in where they go or what risks they take with their bodies and lives without facing life ruining military judicial punishment."

    A second person said: "I need a woman who thinks like this." While a third wrote: "Mia Khalifa you're doing an amazing job much respect for you keep doing good work and use your social platform for the kids and Palestine people, love you."

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