New maps show temperatures dropping to 0C as ‘Indian summer’ comes to brutal end

New UK weather maps show when freezing temperatures will hit Britain as the long-awaited “Indian summer” comes to a brutal end.

Forecasters WX Charts are predicting that temperatures will plummet to a chilly 0C in most parts of Wales and the north west of England at midday next Friday, October 13.

Although it will be slightly warmer in London at 7C, it will fail to get above 3 degrees Celsius in Scotland, the north east of England, and the Midlands – as well as in East Anglia.

Weather maps seen by show that the temperatures won’t rise back into double figures until around 30 hours later, at 6pm on Saturday, October 14.

Wind speeds will drop to less than 10 miles per hour across most of the UK as icy temperatures take over.

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The Met Office’s long range forecast for the spell of October 10 to October 19 predicts sunnier spells across southern parts of the UK, while rain is expected to arrive across the northwest of England.

A spokesperson for the forecaster said: “It might turn increasingly unsettled and cooler as the period progresses, with rain and showers possible in most areas, but particularly in the north and west, where some spells of heavy and persistent rain are possible at times.”

Next week’s cold spell will come just days after a mini heatwave threatens to boil Britain, thanks to “unseasonably warm” air moving across the country from the south this weekend.

Weather forecasters have tracked the jet stream’s movement over the last few days, observing the atmospheric wall of wind as it moves northwards, creating space for the unusual blast of heat – which some will reach 27C – close to the October’s 

Parts of Spain and the Canary Islands are likely to bear the brunt of the Europe scorcher, forecasts predict, as the cities of Badajoz, Cordoba, and Seville will see record-breaking temperatures of up to 38C.

This uncharacteristic October heatwave has shattered records on the continent, making it the hottest October 3rd in Spain in 73 years.

Temperatures are also expected to rise steeply in the Pyrenees and in western Europe – while Britain will also see above average temperatures compared to an average October.

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