Putin’s Russia under attack again as ‘power supply disrupted’ by blast

The war continues to cross into Vladimir Putin’s country. Overnight, Russian officials reported several drone attacks and explosions within the internationally recognised borders of their country.

Four blasts alone occurred in the village of Pogar part of the Bryansk region neighbouring Ukraine, Russian Telegram channel SHOT wrote.

Of these explosions -which Russia has attributed to Ukraine – two reportedly occurred near an administrative building, a third in a field next to a gas station and another hit an electricity substation, the report read. As a result, the power in at least four settlements was disrupted.

The Belgorod region, also sharing a border with Ukraine, was also targeted overnight by both drones and missiles, it has been reported. The Russian Ministry of Defence attributed the attacks to “the Kyiv regime”.

Ukraine and Russia have been entangled in an intense drone war in the past few months, but Kyiv has rarely claimed responsibility for attacks and explosions happened beyond its borders.



  • NATO country reports possible airspace breach following Russia’s strike 09:29
  • NATO country reports possible airspace breach following Russia’s strike

    Romania, a NATO country sharing a border with Ukraine, reported on Saturday morning a possible airspace breach following a Russian attack in southern Ukraine.

    A statement by the country’s Defence Ministry read: “The Romanian army’s radar surveillance systems identified a possible unauthorised entry into the country’s airspace; the signal was detected on the way to the city of Galati.”

    Locals were urged to find shelter.

    No objects have appeared to have fallen on Romanian territory so far, but a search was underway.

    Norway to ban Russian-registered passenger cars from country

    Norway announced it will start banning Russian-registerd passenger cars from crossing its borders.

    The measure will be enforced from next week, in a move mirroring sanctions already imposed by the EU against Moscow in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Putin claims residents in occupied Ukrainian regions want to be part of Russia

    The local elections held earlier this month in the Ukrainian regions partially occupied by Russian troops were largely described as a sham vote.

    But Vladimir Putin claimed in a video address the vote reinforced the sentiment people in Donetsk, among other areas, want to become part of Russia.

    Ukraine shoots down dozens of Russian drones

    The Ukrainian air force shot down 30 of the 40 Iranian-made Shahed drones launched by Russia in an overnight attack, officials said.

    This air strike targeted central and southern regions, the military command reported.

    A total of 20 drones were shot down in the central Vinnytsia region, the South Military command said, while 10 more were hit over the southern areas of Odesa and Myjolaiv.

    Port infrastructure were once again a target of Russian drones, Natalia Humeniuk, a spokesperson for the southern command said.

    Ukrainians in western region ordered to evacuate

    Ukrainians living in the western region of Vinnytsya were ordered to evacuate their homes after an “infrastructure site” became the target of Russian fire.

    Vasyl Polishchuk, head of administration for the town of Kalynivka, said: “At this time there is no need for a general evacuation, apart from the immediate area around the site of the hit.”

    Mr Polishchuk didn’t say whether the target had been hit.

    The evacuation order was issued in the early hours of Saturday.

    Russia believed to have lost more than 278,000 troops since February 2022

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine issued this morning their updated estimate of Russia’s combat losses since the beginning of the invasion.

    Putin readying to ‘help support’ rebels in Armenia as Russia’s grip on country slips

    Russia warned Armenia joining the International Criminal Court (ICC) – which issued an arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin in March – would be an “extremely hostile” move.

    But Yerevan doesn’t seem to have taken heed of the warning and appears to be willing to continue in its ICC bid, saying it isn’t directed against Russia but more for its own security.

    Natia Seskuria, founder and director of the Georgia-based Regional Institute for Security Studies (RISS), believes this move may prompt Russia to act.

    He told Express.co.uk: “It’s highly plausible that Russians will at least help support anti-Nikol Pashinyan (Armenia’s prime minister) sentiment to divide even more in Armenia.

    “I don’t see how they can’t turn this situation around with Pashinyan being the head of state.”

    Putin ‘on brink of earning new ally in EU’ as anti-sanction leader tipped for election win

    Slovaks are heading to the polling stations today to choose their next Prime Minister.

    Today’s vote may see the return in Bratislava of a politician well-known in the country – former PM Robert Fico.

    Since he was ousted in 2018, Mr Fico has seemingly embraced a pro-Russian line – a stance which has raised alarm in the West.

    During the past few months of electoral campaign, he pledged to stop providing Ukraine with military aid and criticised sanctions issued against Moscow in the wake of Russia’s invasion of the country.

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