Vladimir Putin’s death leaves inner circle fearing they could ‘disappear or die’

Russian President Vladimir Putin's inner circle are said to be fearing for their lives, after the alleged death of the leader appears to have left them in limbo.

In another bizarre twist of the is-he-isn't-he-dead-or-alive saga surrounding the war mad Russian leader, the source of the claims, posting via the General SVR Telegram channel, stating that Putin had died of a heart attack last week and the country was now being run by a body double has claimed that there are huge issues with Putin's inner circle, and the two circles slightly outside of that.

Starting that the less active ones are now an issue, they said: “While the distribution of spheres of influence in the new configuration of power is underway and all actors are passionate about it, the conditional 'honeymoon' of the new association will pass very quickly, and most of the agreements will not be implemented. The centre of balance of the system – Vladimir Putin – is dead, and without a core, there is no balance.

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“Unlike the opposition, the Russian elites from the second and third circle understand that the era of 'stability' is over, and they find themselves in a very precarious position when those who are inactive disappear or die. While there is no obvious turbulence in the 'Politburo 2.0', (the name being used internally for the group currently running Russia) one can simply observe, but this turbulence will definitely arise and then an acute political crisis will arise – the choice must be made now.”

  • Putin's body double is a 'complete idiot' and 'incomparably stupider' than real Vlad

Despite the latest comments, there has been there has been no update given on the state of Putin's body, which is claimed to still be stuck inside his Valdai residence, and wild allegations of his apparent death have since surfaced.

The Kremlin has constantly denied that Putin has been suffering from health issues and is, or could be, dead – but the source on Telegram continues to claim otherwise. When rumours first surfaced, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that it was all just an “absurd information canard”. He said: “This belongs to the category of absurd information hoaxes that a whole series of media discuss with enviable tenacity – this evokes nothing but a smile.”

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