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WHEN Princess Diana passed away she left the world in mourning.

But one person who really felt the loss from her death was her sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale.

Who is Lady Sarah McCorquodale?

Lady Sarah McCorquodale, born March 19, 1955, is one of the two older sisters of Princess Diana.

The late Princess of Wales grew up on the Althorp Estate alongside her siblings Lady Sarah, Lady Jane Fellowes, and her brother Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer.

She was also president of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

The fund has raised £100 million for various charities before closing in 2012.

Did Lady Sarah date King Charles?

The-then Prince Charles allegedly had a romance with Princess Diana's older sister Sarah in 1977.

When the couple announced their engagement in 1981, Sarah reportedly said: "I introduced them, I'm cupid."

Little is known about Lady Sarah's reported brief fling with Charles – but allegedly the royal called it off after she "spilled gossip" about their relationship, according to 9Honey.

When Diana died in 1997, Lady Sarah, and her other sister, Lady Jane Fellowes, accompanied Charles to collect her body from Paris.

She has previously recalled feeling nothing but shock in the hours and days between Diana’s death and funeral.

Following the death of her sister, Lady Sarah has remained close to her nephews.

On May 19, 2018, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place at Windsor Castle.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated nuptials, the Palace released a statement detailing Lady Sarah’s attendance and a role given to her sister Lady Jane Fellowes on the big day.

A statement released at the time read: ‘’In addition to having the support of The Queen, his father The Prince of Wales, and his brother Prince William as Best Man, Prince Harry is also keen to involve his mother's family in his wedding. 

‘’All three siblings of Diana, Princess of Wales will be in attendance and Lady Jane Fellowes will give the reading.

'’Prince Harry and Ms.Markle both feel honoured that Lady Jane will be representing her family and helping to celebrate the memory of the late Princess on the wedding day.’’

In July 2021, Harry was reunited with Lady Sarah McCorquodale as he unveiled a statue for his mother Princess Diana.

He could be seen kissing Lady Sarah on both cheeks before proceeding to give two more mock-pecks as she wagged her finger at him.

Lady Sarah has also remained close to Prince William.

She has previously been spotted accompanying her nephew William to charity events in Lincolnshire and watched him marry Kate Middleton in 2011.

Who is Lady Sarah McCorquodale's husband Neil McCorquodale?

Lady Sarah is married to her husband, Neill McCorquodale.

The couple wed in Northamptonshire in 1980 – a year prior to the nuptials of Diana and Charles.

Aside from this information, not much else is known about Lady Sarah’s married life.

Who are Lady Sarah McCorquodale's children?

The couple went on to welcome three children together.

They are the parents of their two daughters Emily and Celia.

The pair also share a son named George.

Why is Lady Sarah McCorquodale a lady?

Sarah McCorquodale acquired the title ‘’Lady’’ in 1975 when her grandfather died and her father became the eighth Earl Spencer.

The daughters of a duke, marquess, or earl have the courtesy title of Lady before their forename and surname, according to Debretts.

Lady is a courtesy title – along with Lord and The Hon – which is usually borne by the sons, daughters, daughters-in-law, brothers, sisters, and sisters-in-law of a peer, it adds.

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