Woman accidentally brushed her teeth with Deep Heat after Netflix distraction

A woman was so distracted by David Beckham's Netflix documentary that she made a teeth-brushing blunder.

Mia Kittelson made the painful error of mistaking a tube of fiery Deep Heat for her Colgate toothpaste. She admitted the mishap on TikTok where she confessed to panicking her boyfriend into calling Poison Control.

Deep Heat says its products are "specifically designed to provide targeted, warming relief to help ease tight, knotted muscles through the benefit of massage plus heat therapy." Not exactly want one would want in their mouths.

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The embarrassing clip has since gone viral with more than 10 million people clocking eyes on her excruciating but more or less harmless mistake, she's dubbed "not her proudest moment". Mia's boyfriend said on TikTok: "Ummmm so she accidentally brushed her teeth with um like a Deep Heat. Um, like Icy Hot that looked identical to her Colgate toothpaste."

The caption of the video, watched by more than 10 million people, details how the couple were distracted talking about the Netflix documentary Beckham. Many of those who've seen the footage, though, struggle to offer the woman any sympathy.

“Calling Poison Control is so embarrassing but they’re so nice,” a user named Alex wrote. Another said: "The way I wouldn’t even think to call Poison Control and just wait to see if I die or not."

Others pointed out how the two product tubes look nothing alike. "You better marry that man he was in the trenches with that ‘identical,’" a user commented. Another wrote: "Is the identical icy hot in the room with us." Ms Kittelson responded to one comment that said the lids are different, writing: "This is not my proudest moment."

Deep Heat is typically used to treat minor aches and pains. Mentholatum Company, founded in 1889, manufacturers the popular product, for which consumers do not need a prescription.

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