Insane moment Putin’s new £160m radar system obliterated by HIMARS – video

Ukrainian forces destroy Russia’s radar station The stunning moment Ukrainian troops obliterated an expensive new Russian radar system with the US’s powerful HIMARS missiles has surfaced in a video posted online. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new £160million high-tech machinery used in Russian-occupied Kherson to allegedly spy on Kyiv’s troops was targeted in a devastating strike by Ukraine’s Operational Command South.

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Chilling moment race-hate shooter Ryan Palmeter storms Dollar General with swastika AR-15 before killing 3 Black people | The Sun

HARROWING footage has captured the moment a crazed shooter stormed into a Dollar General store as he went on his rampage. Ryan Palmeter killed three people before turning the weapon on himself in Jacksonville, Florida, in a shooting that is being investigated as a hate crime. Officers revealed that the AR-15 semi-automatic weapon used in Saturday’s shooting was covered in

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