Insane moment Putin’s new £160m radar system obliterated by HIMARS – video

Ukrainian forces destroy Russia’s radar station

The stunning moment Ukrainian troops obliterated an expensive new Russian radar system with the US’s powerful HIMARS missiles has surfaced in a video posted online.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new £160million high-tech machinery used in Russian-occupied Kherson to allegedly spy on Kyiv’s troops was targeted in a devastating strike by Ukraine’s Operational Command South.

Footage posted on Telegram shows a black column of smoke filling the sky moments after Russia’s Predel-E coastal radar system was struck with pinpoint accuracy.

Aerial footage later shows the destroyed remains of the obliterated radar system as the drone pans out.

The move will likely be a major blow for Putin as the Russian equipment had reportedly only been operating since June.

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The Defence Forces of the South Telegram channel, which shared the clip, wrote: “Mobile coastal radar station of over-the-horizon detection with increased secrecy Predel-E.

“This is how ambitiously and pompously the Russians presented the novelty of their military-industrial complex to a narrow circle of specialists in June this year.

“Then they sent it to the temporarily occupied Kherson Oblast in secret to monitor our actions both at sea and on land.”

The Operational Command South was also able to strike the Leer-2 electronic warfare system which was being used to shield the radar.

The southern grouping of forces said: “Nothing can be hidden from us on our land.

“Already in August, our soldiers completely destroyed the unique development worth US $200 million.”

‘Predel-E’ was reportedly only handed to a narrow circle of specialists as late as June 2023.

Russian propagandists have previously claimed that the Predel-E station was designed for the monitoring of the surface and air situation at distances surpassing the radio horizon.

Russia gained control of the city of Kherson on March 2, 2022 – it was the first Ukrainian city to be captured by Putin’s men.

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But they abandoned Kherson in December just nine months after first invading Ukraine, although it is still the scene of heavy fighting.

The US has been providing Ukraine with HIMARS missiles to defend its terrority for over a year and this is not the first time they have caused damage.

The medium-range American-made rocket systems have been hailed as a game-changing weapon that could help the invaded nation turn the tide in the war.

US Army Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson told CNN: “They have to be able to keep those HIMARS in the game and keep using them to be able to make effective deep strikes.”

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