Cornell University Cancels Classes After 'Extraordinary Stress' From Antisemitic Threats

Cornell University has pulled the plug on its classes this Friday — essentially saying everyone’s stressed out — after a student was arrested for threatening to kill Jewish students on campus.

The school will observe community day Friday “in recognition of the extraordinary stress of the past few weeks” — this after Cornell junior, 21-year-old Patrick Dai was charged with threatening to kill Jews.

New York prosecutors say Dai threatened to harm and/or kill Cornell’s Jewish students … boasting online he’d “shoot up” Cornell’s 104 West dining hall, which is predominantly kosher … adding he planned to bring an assault rifle to campus.

The FBI quickly jumped on the case and found antisemitic messages on an online discussion forum, which were written under a username that referenced Hamas.

While the account didn’t have Dai’s name attached to it, federal investigators were able to pin him as the suspect by tracking the account’s IP address.

Dai was interviewed by the FBI Tuesday … and allegedly admitted to having posted the comments. He appeared in federal court Wednesday but didn’t enter a plea.

The threats on campus come after Hamas first attacked Israel in the Middle East — which has been followed by death, destruction, and political unrest … not just overseas, but in the U.S. as well.

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