Katie Price furiously hits back at fans who slam her over expensive new hair extensions

Katie Price isn't taking any prisoners over on TikTok.

The former supermodel, 45, who was declared bankrupt four years ago after amassing £3.5million in debt, livestreamed herself getting luxury hair extensions on Wednesday, which approximately cost £6000.

As her session played out on camera, though, Katie's followers turned on her for splurging such eye-watering cash on beauty care. She didn't fold, though, and actually went to town on them.

"We've all been there, yeah exactly, don't knock people, I don't. You should never knock anybody that tries to make money to support their family and their kids," she replied.

"If you think about it I've got 5 kids, I run the house, the animals, like it's an expensive thing having kids, you know all the food shopping, the heating, everything, and I'm trying to work and do everything.

"So what if I want to sit in my kitchen and get my hair done? But you get d*******s out there who go 'urgh are you skint?' Well what are you doing? Are you sitting there, the people who say that, no.

"Whatever job you do out there, it's a job and who cares. A job is a job, money is money."

Katie, who has five children in Princess, Harvey, Junior, Jett and Bunny, previously opened up about bankruptcy and how her experience of depression affected her financial stability.

"Can I just say something? So many successful people go through bankruptcy. Mine is to do with exes. I went through a breakdown, this is how mine started – lawyers and exes, that is my bankruptcy thing. And obviously a bit of HMRC," she told Jamie Laing on his Private Parts podcast.

"When I had my breakdown, if anyone has been depressed… I don't know if you've ever had depression… It starts with depression and you just want to sleep all day and not talk to anyone, the phone would ring and you wouldn't answer it.

"Then bills would come through and you couldn't face opening it and you didn't have the energy to pay bills and everything just comes crashing down and you're in this situation where it's got bad."

She also broached the subject during an appearance on Channel 5 programme The Jeremy Vine Show back in March.

"You shouldn’t be ashamed if you have a bankruptcy because for different reasons people go into bankruptcy," she said.

"I went through a really, really tough time the past three years, mental health and this and that. And when you go through that, you might get bills through and you put everything to the side because you can’t cope with anything."

In an exclusive interview with OK! in April 2021, Katie admitted she "loves" being bankrupt – and wants to stay in it for as long as she can.

"I’ve been sucked dry in the past. I was mentally abused and broken by everyone. It’s not like I have skeletons in my closet but everyone tried to get everything they could out of me. But now, I can go to sleep at night and I just think, 'F**k it'.

"My bankruptcy is the best thing that’s ever happened to me," she claimed.

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