Kerry Katona cries amid family cancer scare after finding lump ‘the size of Brussel sprout’

Reality star Kerry Katona has opened up to her followers on Instagram in an emotional video and revealed her sister found a lump the "size of a brussel sprout" in her breast.

The former Atomic Kitten star thanked medical staff and revealed that breast cancer runs in her family.

Talking about her sister Lynsey Armstrong, Kerry said: "My sister found a terrible, huge lump in her breast. And I know she won’t mind me telling you this. She was so scared. I’m so grateful to Pall Mall Medical, it was the size of a Brussel sprout. We were all so worried because breast cancer runs in the family.

"I’m very fortunate that I do have private health care and I sent my sister to Pall Mall, she went yesterday.

Kerry added: “I’m gonna cry! But she’s fine. It turned out to be a big cyst.”

This follows after Kerry opened up to OK! earlier this year and detailed her own cancer scare after she found a lump underneath her armpit in the shower, admitting that the discovery made her 'life flash before her eyes'.

"I once found a lump underneath my armpit in the shower and it was around a similar time that Sarah Harding was diagnosed, which put the fear of God in me," she said.

She added: "My life flashed before my eyes and that’s when my health anxiety really kicked in. I had the realisation that we’re not all immortal and that your health is not always something you can control."

Health is something Kerry has now been focusing on has shared that she's lost three stone, after looking at her diet and overhauling her fitness.

Kerry recently revealed that she now weighs 10 stone and 12 pounds, down from 13 stone and three pounds, which was her weight when she started her journey.

To help her on her journey, Kerry has been open about the fact that she’s enlisted the help of nutritionists and personal trainers.

The star now regularly posts pics from her workouts and admitted that having a regime to stick to has helped her “actually enjoy working out.”

She showed off her toned figure earlier this month when she posed for the camera in a black thong swimsuit, sunglasses and a straw hat while on holiday in Spain.

The star's fans flooded the comments to show their support for the "real picture".

One penned, "This is what people actually look like. Social media has brainwashed people to think skin looks airbrushed and everything is perfect. Kerry you look amazing!"

Another added: ""GO GIRL.. you're looking good and you've had kids.. keep doing what you're doing."

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