Stacey Solomon shares sneak peek at ridiculous dress choice as she goes all out for NTAs

Stacey Solomon has teased fans with a sneak peek at the outfit she has chosen for the National Television Awards next week, calling it “ridiculous”.

Earlier in the day, Stacey asked for fans' opinions on whether she should go “over the top” or “keep it cool” with her dress choice, describing it as a “real dilemma”.

The Sort Your Life Out star said: “Honestly I don't know whether we had a chance to win or not – I want to go for it and wear something over the top because I never get the chance to but will I look like an idiot? I'm 33. Nobody cares about me, do you know what I mean? So will I look stupid?”

She then took fans along as she tried on options at couture brand Isabell Kristensen after taking everyone’s advice to go for it. The shop was full of sparkling gowns in various colours, shapes and styles, which Stacey described as “unbelievable”.

Sharing a black and white snap of herself dressed in a silver beaded bodice with ruffles of dramatic tulle, she joked she'd probably chosen the most "ridiculously sparkly, ruffled dress" in the shop.

The mum of five, 33, who is married to EastEnders star, Joe Swash, 41, added: “I definitely got into my “f**k it” mind set and just thought who knows what’s round the corner I’m going to wear THE DRESS.”

She then shared: “Can’t wait to show you all next week.”

Stacey’s BBC show Sort Your Life Out is nominated for an NTA in the ‘Factual’ category against Clarkson’s Farm, Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs and The Martin Lewis Money Show Live. The show sees Stacey and her team revamp homes in the UK where homeowners declutter, upcycle and recycle their belongings.

For Stacey, it’s more than just a TV show. “We get so invested in families and we care so much,” she admits. “It’s a huge sense of pride when we get to the end of it and everyone has mucked in and gone above and beyond. I’m not just doing this because I want to be on telly, we genuinely love our families and want to make a difference in their lives.”

Asking for help is often the toughest part of changing your life – but agreeing to put your problems on telly is even harder and that’s not lost on Stacey. “For them to be brave enough and open enough to let us into their house and then let the whole British public see, that is such a gift to us,” she says. “We want to honour that as much as we can.”

Stacey thinks the show’s popularity is due to the fact many viewers can relate. “People are so quick to go, ‘How could you let it get like that?’ And actually there are so many explanations as to why it gets like that. It makes me quite cross. Don’t throw something through your glass house.”

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