Twitter keeps getting sh-ttier, Musk removes article headlines

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The smartest, funniest man in the room is making smart, funny decisions again. For reasons that only a very stable genius can explain, The Artist Formerly Known As Twitter has stopped showing headlines for links that get posted on people’s timelines. Only the embedded picture shows up. Why? Because Elon Musk thinks it would make posts “look better.” Elno’s other great ideas include slowing down links to sites that he doesn’t like and possibly putting Twitter X behind a paywall and charging users a monthly fee. Everything’s going great, guys. Nothing to see here!

X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, has stopped showing headlines for links posted on the site, after site owner Elon Musk said it would make posts look better.

Links posted on Twitter now appear as the image included in the article, as well as text in the left-hand corner of the image noting the domain of the link. If users want to visit the page, they must click the image, but it only appears slightly different to how images uploaded to the site appear.

The change was made on Wednesday for iOS and desktop users. The new appearance appeared not to apply to advertisement links.

The move to remove headlines had been in the works since August. Following Forbes reports about the planned change, Musk tweeted: “This is coming from me directly. Will greatly improve the esthetics.”

X has become increasingly hostile for news organisations to use since Musk took over nearly one year ago. While never a major source of traffic for many news sites, the platform is used by most media organisations and reporters in news sharing and gathering, but reports suggest traffic has declined from Twitter since the takeover. In recent months, NPR and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) have pulled back on using the site.

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It’s all just so stupid. This change makes it even easier to spread misinformation, which is probably the entire point. But that goes two ways. As usual, Twitter users are trolling Elon, posting links with his picture on them and creating their own headlines to things like, “Elon Musk supports Joe Biden’s bid for re-election.” This could make for a very funny weekend on Space Karen’s platform.

I don’t exactly know what Elon’s end game is here, but I’m of the opinion that he’s intentionally trying to tank Twitter. I mean, he’s a complete jackass, but at this point, it feels like his entire shtick is to own the libs either for his own amusement or because those are his marching orders. The platform is estimated to be worth somewhere between $4 and $8 billion now, which is, oh, around $36 to $40 billion less than he paid for it. It’s said that some of Elno’s investors aren’t happy at all, so they may have had enough of his shenanigans. On Thursday, CEO-in-name-only Linda Yaccarino met with the banks that financed $13 out of that $44 billion to discuss plans to increase revenue. I’m no business expert, but taking Apartheid Clyde out of the equation seems like it would be a great place to start.

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