Britney Spears' divorce tattoos look 'childlike' & 'regressive,' they signal something is 'not quite right,' expert says | The Sun

BRITNEY Spears' new slew of tattoos may reveal her potentially delicate state of mind, a psychologist has said.

He claimed the size and look of the pop star's latest inkings suggest a unique response to the trauma of her divorce.

On Saturday, Britney shared an Instagram Reel showing her adding to her collection of tattoos.

The Toxic star was seen sitting with a tattoo artist who was doing a design on her right ring finger.

The video also showed a new pink star on the inside of Britney’s right arm.

Britney’s tattoo session came after the mom of two showed off a new snake inking on Instagram on Friday.

In that clip, Britney said: “My new snake tattoo, guys. I’m so excited!”

In an exclusive interview, clinical psychologist Dr. Josh Klapow, PhD told The U.S. Sun: "Given Britney's messy divorce and back story, it is not surprising to me that she got new tattoos.

"It is also not surprising that she got more than one tattoo because she already has multiple.

"What I think is interesting about the new ones is that they are small.

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"Given the access that she has to tattoo artists and her wealth, they are also simple, which is perplexing.

"The styling of these new tattoos suggests something is not quite right."

Klapow elaborated further and pointed to the childlike look of Britney's new inkings.

"The star on her forearm looks like a child drew it," he claimed.

"The snake on the middle of her back is not highly intricate.

"I see these images almost like a regressed state and childlike, but they are not childish."

Britney’s latest tattoos came in the wake of her split from her husband, Sam Asghari.

On August 16, the actor and former personal trainer filed for divorce after 14 months of marriage.

Sam, 29, had cited "irreconcilable differences" as his reason for ending the relationship, according to TMZ.

Speculation surrounding their split included heated fights, cheating allegations, and Britney showing off her naked body.

The U.S. Sun, meanwhile, has reported that the couple’s marriage was always turbulent.

Amid divorce proceedings, Britney posted videos on Instagram of her wild dancing.

She has also ridden horseback in Mexico and got the new tattoos.

Klapow, who founded MentalDrive, said: “When a divorce is in the public eye and the individual is as well, it amplifies any distress.

"It also amplifies the trauma that comes with it. Otherwise, getting a tattoo after a divorce is not uncommon.

"People tend to get tattoos at sentinel or milestone events in their lives.

"It allows them to wear on their body a symbol that relates to something significant.

"For Britney, it is consistent with someone who has gone through multiple traumatic experiences.

"Her style of tattoo is consistent with someone who is behaving in a more age-regressed way.

"Age-regressed means acting, thinking, and behaving in a manner that is significantly younger than your current state.

"This relates to her demeanor as she emerged from the conservatorship, and from the divorce

"Britney is 41 years old, yet she is behaving much like a 17-year-old.

"This does not mean though that Britney has the intellect of a 17-year-old."

Klapow detailed how Britney's tattoo style corresponded with her activity on social media.

"Britney is an adult and has gone topless," he said.

"When she is rolling over in bed and it is sexual, it also has a childlike quality to it.

"Britney looks at the camera and dances in a way that does not have an adult quality."

In addition to her new inkings, Britney has a fairy on her lower back and tattoos on both her hips, plus a kanji symbol inside a starburst on her stomach.

She also has a triangle on her right hand, a small Chinese symbol on her right hip, and a butterfly and vines on her right foot.

The pair of pink dice on Britney’s’ left wrist is a matching tattoo of her ex-husband Kevin Federline which is blue.

Britney revealed that she had the tattoo done in 2004 but after their divorce, she considered removing it.

Klapow continued: "We never know exactly why people get the tattoos that they do. If we did, that means we could read their minds.

"I can only comment on the way these tattoos look.

"If you look at Britney's other tattoos, there are some exceptions.

"The one on her lower back, some of the other ones, and one on her feet, there is more sophistication to them.

"They are more intricate and are more adult-like.

"The new tattoos also have a lack of sophistication relative to what we see in other celebrities and other works of tattoo art.

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"If Britney has done the new tattoos on a whim and impulsive it still speaks to a level of potential emotional regression.

"This is not uncommon in people who have navigated a lot of trauma."

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