I haven't turned the heating on but a draft was bringing the temperature down by 9 degrees, a thrift shop buy saved us | The Sun

A CLEVER woman has detailed how she solved a chilly problem in her house.

She claimed that a cheap purchase from a thrift store fixed the temperature issue.

Klaire de Lys (@klairedelysofficial) filmed herself recounting her home heating technique.

She had previously shared advice on how to stay warm at home without central heating, which sparked the interest of some viewers.

"Someone asked me what to do about doors which just leak a lot, either because they don't have a good seal around the edge, or they're not fitted properly," she said in the video.

She added that the old hot ducting system in her house required a hole in it, which she described as being the size of her head.

"It made a five-degree (nine degrees Farenheit) difference in the house. It was a nightmare," she said.

"And then we finally got the door fixed, I think about a year ago. Made a huge difference.

"But until then, one of the things that we did is we put doorway curtains," she added.

She said that her curtains didn't break the bank, although some may go for pricier ones.

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"These are just cheap doorway curtains. I think I got them from Pound Stretcher. They were about £8 (~ $9.76).

"And I know that you can get really good ones, which are a little bit more expensive.

"Don't be surprised if really good quality doorway curtains cost about 40 quid. But we didn't have that budget.

"We still don't have that budget, so we may do with what we had. If you can find old curtains from charity shops, the ones that have the thermal lining, they're fantastic," she added.

She recommended that charity shops, also known as thrift stores, may have some hidden gems that can be customized to fit any home.

"And they're really easy to tweak and to cut down to right size for the doorway, so that works really well," she said.

She praised the curtains, suggesting them to anyone having a heating issue.

"Doorway curtains, they make a huge, huge difference if you've got a door which is just really drafty and making a big difference the temperature of your house," she added.

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