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A MAN who appeared on Naked Attraction has spoken out on what it was really like behind the scenes. 

Conor, known as Conzo, who started his own animal sanctuary in Scotland, took to his TikTok account to open up about what it was like to be on the Channel 4 dating show. 

Viewers first saw a blonde woman ask: “I’ve never been on Naked Attraction, but someone who has been on it needs to contact me and tell me their exact thoughts…” 

Conzo, from California, then appeared on the screen as he explained: “Alright, I’ll tell you the inside scoop.” 

Appearing shirtless while in bed, he shared: “First off, I didn’t know I was applying for Naked Attraction when I did it.” 

He explained that this is because the production company posted about it on a Facebook group called Overheard in Sterling, where “a lot of masters and PhD programs are”. 

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At the time, he was newly single and thought this would be fun.

He continued: “I get on the phone with them and I put on the charm and then at the end, they say, ‘Have you ever heard of the show Naked Attraction?’”

Conzo shared that he hadn’t heard of it, but realised he’d been a little “too charming” as they apparently really wanted him to take part in it. 

“A part of me believes in fate, you know?” he went on. “I thought this was the way the universe was pushing me in a direction that could to something or something that I was meant to be doing.” 

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Conzo said there’ve been many times he’s had fun conversations with people about the show, because it’s “just kind of out of the ordinary”. 

He argued that there are many people who have seen him completely naked on TV but don’t remember him. 

“It’s just a body,” he said. “As weird looking as they all are, that’s exactly what it is. 

“We all have one. We’ve all seen one. There’s no novelty in it.” 

Part of him also thought he might find the love of his life on the show too. And though he didn’t, he’s still in touch with the person he picked on the show. 

“The moral of the story is that it’s fun to live a fun life and it’s fun to do things that are a little outside of the box,” he shared. 

Conzo said he receives many messages from people, and some simply remember how refreshing it was that he “didn’t insult anyone’s body in the process”. 

TikTok user @conzo03 added: “I dated someone who saw me on the show and didn’t realise it until we were actually dating…

“Yeah, so it’s not a big deal. Someone sees you naked and they’ll forget about it two seconds later. You’re fine.” 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “You really were lovely on the show, quite the gentleman”

He replied: “If my mum heard that I was insulting people’s bodies she’d be very disappointed”. 

Another wrote: “Love what you’ve taken from this everyone needs them moments in life but scared to do it”.

A third said: “I fell in love with you that very moment & have followed your journey since!” 

A fourth asked: “Did they pay you? What was the presenter like when not filming?”

He responded: “I got food money for the two days and they paid for the hotel but I didn’t take the food money haha”. 

Conzo was on the second episode of the seventh season of the TV show and was introduced as an American military serviceman. 

He moved to the UK to study after leaving the US marines. 

Having been married once before, Conzo said he was looking for someone to settle down with and had the same sexual desires. 

Conzo eventually matched with brunette bombshell Bianca and the pair enjoyed a date in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. 


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But they lived four hours away from one another, which prevented them from moving forward in any romantic way. 

The pair remain friends. 

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