I’m a gift giving expert & here’s 3 items you should never give someone – and there’s a cosmetic which is a huge blunder | The Sun

A GIFT giving expert has revealed the three items you should never give someone – so if your friend’s birthday or your little ones’ big day is coming up soon, you’ll want to pay attention.

Leah, who is from Dallas, Texas, explained that memberships, items that would alter your appearance, including teeth whitening, and self hygiene products, should be off the cards when giving someone a gift.

Sharing her thoughts on social media, Leah said: “Three more items you should never give someone.

“Hi, my name is Leah and I'm a gift giving expert. Let's unwrap it.”

Leah first claimed that you should never give someone a membership, unless they have asked for it.

She advised: “We're gonna say memberships of any kind, unless they explicitly told you that they wanna try said membership.

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“Imagine getting a gym membership somewhere that you didn't ask for. Think about how you might respond.

“This is not limited to gyms – I love to work out. I'd love a membership, but that's only because I'd ask for it.”

Not only this, but Leah also said that things that would alter someone’s appearance shouldn’t be gifted either.

The expert added: “Any sort of item that would alter your appearance. 

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“We have teeth whitening, but in my last video, someone mentioned that their friend was gifted a plastic surgery voucher. The nerve!”

Finally, Leah shared her thoughts on self hygiene gifts, as she concluded: “And lastly, self hygiene.

“I’d like to point out that wellness products are different from self hygiene.

“Self hygiene includes things like deodorant, face wash. 

“If someone gifted me toothpaste, I would be offended.” 

Leah’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @leahsgiftguide, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed a staggering 510,300 views.

Social media users were eager to share their thoughts in the comments, as many revealed the items they would never give.

One person said: “3 things I would never gift..1. cleaning products, 2. organising books & 3. Perfume.” 

Another added: “I feel like this falls under the second one but makeup unless they ask for it!” 


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A third commented: “Socks…”

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