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IT'S a problem area for many of us.

But one style expert has shared her top 12 tips for hiding a tummy, and explained why patterns should be your new best friend.

Deidre has a YouTube page dedicated to sharing her fashion tips and tricks, and recently posted a video explaining the best ways you can conceal a stomach if you're self-conscious about it.

In the video, Deirdre explained: "Prints and patterns are perfect for disguising a tummy, particularly when they're either small or medium sized.

"Whether it's a dress or a top of some sort or jacket.

"What patterns do is they confuse the eye, which is brilliant for us.

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"No-one knows where your figure starts or stops, as they're looking at the pattern instead. Genius!"

Deirdre added that a pattern such as a polka dot is perfect, "especially when it's a small dotted design".

"Graphic patterns are great too – they confuse the eye beautifully and they look quite modern and trendy," she continued.

She also revealed another trick that's "very effective at hiding your shape" is to "combine two different prints or patterns in the same outfit".

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"Things like polka dots and stripes, they work really well," she said.

"Just try it, it's not as wild as you might think!"

Another thing Deirdre warned against was tucking anything in.

"Because if you tuck something in, you're creating an immediate horizontal line across your waist, which is exactly what you don't want to do," she explained.

The same goes for belts.

In particular, don't choose a wide belt – as you'll just end up emphasising your waist.

In terms of things Deirdre does approve of, she suggested wearing body-skimming clothes, rather than tight ones, as it's a good idea to start with a smooth, thin layer you can add to.

Ruched or peplum tops, blouses with statement sleeves and blouses with neck detailing are among her go-to outfits, as well as shift dresses.

"They are chic, glamorous but they cover up your entire torso, so anything could be going on underneath the dress, and they show off your beautiful legs," she grinned.

High waisted jeans or trousers are also a brilliant wardrobe staple if you're self-conscious about your stomach.

And Deirdre recommends brand such as ASOS or Abercrombie, which have Curve ranges.

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"You want jeans constructed for curvy bodies," she explained.

"Make sure that the trousers that you choose have good control and are good quality, otherwise you may find yourself just cradling your tummy in the material for all to see."

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