I’m in my 40s but everyone thinks I’m 25, my anti-aging secret isn’t genetic & lifestyle’s more important than skincare | The Sun

AN age-defying woman has revealed how she keeps her skin looking youthful without splurging on expensive cosmetics.

The beauty from Poland claimed it’s possible to look decades younger than your age regardless of genetics if you have a well-rounded routine.

Adriana K (@lil.icons) has garnered almost 22,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares beauty advice for women in their 40s.

She took to the social media platform to explain the secret behind her ageless appearance.

“Most people think that I’m in my 20s,” she said. “They are always shocked when I say that I’m actually 40.

“Even one time I was filming outside and some stranger said ‘why did you get pregnant so early? You have so much time.’

“I was like ‘No, not at all.’

“Actually there is not like one magical thing that you can do to not age so fast. 

“It’s more about the lifestyle and many people say it’s genetic but I don’t agree.”

Adriana revealed that she doesn’t experiment with her skincare products and has a selection of favorite products that she routinely uses.

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However, she believes the most important thing for anti-aging is following a healthy lifestyle.

“I never tanned my skin,” she said. “Like very rarely, I hate to lie in the sun. I’m a self-tanner girl.

“I use self-tanners all the time and I love self-tanners but I don’t tan my skin.

“Also I drink a lot of water, always like two and a half to three liters per day. I really try to keep track of how much I drink during the day. 

“I think this is the second most important thing that I have done for years and it has a big impact on how you look.

“The third thing is to really eat healthy. Seriously your lifestyle is much more important than your skincare

“I think lifestyle is like 60 or 70 percent and then like 20 to 30 percent skincare and maybe the rest is genes.

“Take your vitamins, take collagen, take vitamin D supplements.

“In my 20s, I always took supplements for my skin like a complex but then I started to be more interested in supplements.

“In my thirties, I added collagen supplements to my diet which I also think had a big impact on how I look right now.

“I started in my early 30s with retinol but a very low percentage and a lot of moisturizing creams on top.

“I went up very slowly and always looked at how my skin reacted so I didn’t dry it.”

Adriana explained that she hadn’t made more anti-aging videos for her followers because she didn’t want to recommend something that she hadn't tried for at least three months.

She claimed to have turned down opportunities to make sponsored videos while promising to share her favorite products in the future.

She captioned her post: “My secrets for young looking skin.”

The video went viral with over 71,000 views and thousands of likes from people who were grateful for her advice.

Many people took to the comment section to compliment her youthful glow and to give their opinions on the tips.

“I agree with you it’s lifestyle and for me, I think it’s drinking water mainly as I’ve drank about three liters of water daily since my early 20s,” one commented. 

“People think I’m in my 20s as well, but I’m over 40. I’m not a smoker, not a tan girl. It’s a mix of genes and lifestyle,” another wrote.

“She is probably 25, I refuse to believe she is more than 30 cry,” a third chimed in.

“I’m 50 and when I’m out in town they think I’m 30/35. No Botox! It starts with what you eat and don’t tan your face,” another added.

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