I'm so embarrassed by my birth story – my doctor had to go bathe and change, people say it was a 'baptism' | The Sun

A MOTHER has shared her mortifying experience giving birth in the hospital.

She claimed the problem was so out of hand, her doctor had to bathe and change clothes following the miracle of life gone awry.

Jessie (@dreambabynames) filmed herself recounting the experience in a video on TikTok.

"Something extremely embarrassing happened to me while I was delivering my baby, and I feel like I need to confess," she said.

She prefaced that she didn't know that the incident even took place and had to be filled in on the fiasco by family members.

"I was so embarrassed," she said, recounting her final push.

"I pushed and literally covered the doctor in my amniotic fluid. Like, it hit him in the face.

"He had to leave and, like, go bathe and change," she revealed.

She speculated that it was possible that her child's head was on the larger side.

"I guess Pierce was like, because his head's so big, he was blocking the rest of my fluid from coming out. It never fully came out.

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"So my final push, this doctor had come in last minute just, like, for the actual delivery. I pushed literally went all over his face," she said.

She revealed that the doctor handled the situation like it was another day on the job.

"[The doctor] ended up coming back later and being like, 'Congratulations on your baby. You did great,'" she added.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their takes on the situation.

"My nurse friend says this happens to every doctor/nurse and your first time is called your 'baptism,'" one wrote.

"As a nurse we see so many wild things that it doesn’t phase us at all," another added. "Honestly it’s pretty awesome."

"This happened to me, too," a third commented. "My husband said there was so much force he’s surprised the doctor didn’t lose an eye."

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