My small boobs made me so sad when I was younger – now I'm 29 and love them, I'm tossing out all my padding | The Sun

A BODY positive woman has revealed that her bust size used to make her upset, but now she embraces them.

At 29, he said that he no longer feels that way about her body and tossed the padding in a TikTok video.

Model and lifestyle enthusiast Geani Olaru (@geani.olaru_) is proud of her curves but that was not always the case.

In a TikTok video, she shared a transparent message catered to other women with smaller busts.

She wrote in the video caption "You are enough."

When the video began, she walked into the frame in a sporty style and portrayed herself as 19 years old.

She had a sad expression on her face and her shoulders were slung forward as she touched and cradled her breasts.

The subtitle over the visual read: "19 years old: Why so small?"

Then, it transitioned to show her confidently the way she is now at 29 years old.

Her shoulders were pulled back and she danced as she showcased her figure.

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She held several stuffed paddings in her hand and threw them at the camera one-by-bone.

Lastly, Geani threw her head back in joy and proudly shook her chest as the video came to a close.

Many people appreciated her honest and body positive message.

"So true! We are so much more confident with age," one commented.

A fan praised: "You don’t need any. You are perfect just the way you are. "

"Omg!!! Girl!!!! You made my day!!! Love ya," another added, while a TikTok user chimed in: "Be proud. They are perfect."

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