People call me a major groomzilla – they say it's my fault my sister won't come to my wedding, it's totally not | The Sun

A MAN has been labeled a groomzilla for how he's been treating his family.

His sister won't be attending his big day, and her lack of enthusiasm has ticked off the groom — but he insists none of it is his fault.

Ahead of his wedding, a man took to Reddit to share the reason why he was mad at his pregnant sister.

In a Reddit post, he explained the situation in further detail and asked the public's opinion on the social media site.

The 27-year-old shared that he was getting married later that year and knew in advance that the date would be a conflict for his sibling.

"Earlier this year when I finalized the wedding date, my sister asked me if I could move the date forward because she would be 39 weeks pregnant and she can't risk attending the wedding," he wrote.

Instead, he prioritized his best friend who lives out of the country and would only be available during that time, which she said she understood.

While planning with his fiancée, he noticed that his sister, with whom he was once close, did not show as much enthusiasm.

"I snapped and told her she could at least be happy for me if she isn't attending the wedding. She said she doesn't see why she should be interested," he detailed in the post.

She replied that she was happy for them but shouldn't be expected to show excitement for an event she was not attending.

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The groom said that it was her choice, to which she explained that she had a good excuse not to attend and he could have easily moved the date up.

"I vented to my fiancée about the whole thing but she told me I'm the a**hole here," he wrote.

In the end, she did agree with his sister, especially since she herself was OK with moving the date.

She also said that he needed to cut his sister some slack because she was pregnant and he chose his best friend over her, which didn't give him a right to be mad.

He asked a popular Reddit group if he was in the wrong and almost everyone was in agreement that he was.

A reader wrote: "You did choose to have your best friend attend instead of your sister. Now you're annoyed because your sister isn't 'showing enough excitement?' Apologize to your sister, please."

"Your future spouse called you an a**hole. You needed the internet to confirm it?" another chimed in.

Another person added: "You expect her to be excited about your wedding when you deliberately set it up to exclude. How pathetic can you get?"

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