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WITH five kids – including three under four – some might say Stacey Solomon is a seasoned pro when it comes to parenting.

But the 33-year-old frequently comes under fire from social media followers who are quick to attack her decisions.

Stacey was a teenager when her eldest son Zachary, now 15, was born and she went on to have Leighton next, who is ten.

She's also mum to Rex, four, 23-month-old Rose and six-month-old Belle, her children with husband Joe Swash, 41.

The former Loose Women panellist is also step-mum to Joe's teen son, Harry, 16.

Like many celeb mums, she's often called out for her parenting but 'Stace', presenter of decluttering TV show Sort Your Life Out, refuses to take criticism lying down.



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Here, with parenting expert Kirsty Ketley, we take a look at how she hits back at the negativity.

Stewing over soup

Tempers simmered recently on socials when Stacey was forced to hit back after she was criticised for serving her kids homemade soup for dinner.

After sharing a sweet snap of son Rex picking tomatoes in the family greenhouse she whisked up soup – and garnered criticism.

“So you fed your kid a bowl of tomato soup for dinner? Wow,” one follower wrote.

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Hitting back, Stacey called the trolling comment "weird", and responded: “Don’t worry Wilma, I didn’t give my kids just a ladle of soup each and then send them up to bed.

“That was just a starter and then we had dinner after – they were Rex’s tomatoes so we were really excited about them."

Kirsty says: "She made soup, from homegrown produce, what's not to admire?

"It's a great way to teach her kids about where food comes from and kids are much more likely to be good eaters when they have grown a food and helped cook it.

"Soup is also a great meal for young children who are not great with textures or find chewing and swallowing tricky, and teething toddlers will often enjoy cold soup to help soothe their gums.

"You can pack loads of veggies into soups, add in pulses and it's hydrating."

Snack attack

Keen to bring Halloween to Pickle Cottage, Stacey shared a creative snack with followers – but it was too troublesome to stomach for some.

After sharing tips on how to create a homemade 'skeleton on a stick' using marshmallows, she was forced to address choking hazard concerns – and she had a common sense approach.

Stacey said: "A few of you have messaged me and said some younger children can't chew big marshmallows properly so they can be dangerous.

"So I just wanted to say, if you don't think your little one can handle big marshmallows then don't give it to them."

She offered alternative suggestions, before adding, innocently: "I've always given mine big marshmallows which is probably really wrong but I didn't know they were a risk or hazard."

Kirsty says: "Marshmallows can swell and expand if they get stuck in your child's throat, which make it hard to remove if your child chokes.

"Young children and babies under the age of five therefore shouldn't eat them."

Out in the cold

No doubt Stacey was stunned when she was accused of not keeping her son Rex warm.

The baffled star started getting concerned messages from her followers after they noticed Rex, eight months at the time, sleeping at home without a blanket.

Mocking the backlash, she posted a video saying: "I've received quite a number of concerned messages along the lines of 'Where's your child's blanket? It's freezing outside.'

“Susan, Susan, Susan. He's not sleeping the garden, it's warm in here and he doesn't need a blanket."

Kirsty says: "Being a mum of five, I think Stacey knows what she's doing.

"As she hit back, Rex wasn't outdoors, he was inside, where having a blanket would have probably meant he was too warm."

'Alternative' family set-up

Stacey has opened up in the past about having people comment on "alternative family set ups"and being a blended family with children from former partners.

She said previously: "I used to really beat myself up about not being able to offer them a 'normal', 'perfect' family all under one roof.

"Until I realised how normal, and perfect our family is for us. Seeing the way they are together reminds me that it’s all ok.  

"Families come in all shapes and sizes and what’s important is that the love is there no matter where it comes from.

"We are not a “broken family” in any way shape or form we are an extended family. And everyone loves an extension."

Kirsty says: "Families come in all shapes and sizes, as Stacey pointed out.

"As long as there is love, that's what really matters.

"I think Stacey puts her kids needs first and in this instance, was showing a positive way to co-parent."

Car boot kids

The star came under fire after sharing a video of her morning school-run routine which saw her older boys emerging from the boot of the car.

She said:"Oh my gosh, a few people have messaged me saying, 'Why are your children in the boot of your car?'

"Come on. They're obviously sitting in the boot… in seats. I don't just chuck them in there freestyle, hope for the best and then kick them out when we get to their school.

"I just really wanted to come on and clear that up because there are six of us. Where else are the seats going to be? It's two in the front, three in the back and another two in the boot."

Kirsty says: "If the kids are in the correct seats for their stage and safe on their journey to school, this isn't an issue.

"Lots of cars have seats in the boot and lots of parents with multiple children use them."  

Favourite child

Stacey sparked more controversy when sherevealed she had a favourite child – in jest.

The star was seen on Stacey Solomon's Crafty Christmas cutting out a picture of Zachary, who she previously said "changed my whole life".

She said: "Ah Zach, my favourite child.

"Just kidding – but he is. I'm just joking again – everyone's got one, don't pretend you don't."

Kirsty says: "It's not great for parents to have a favourite child, but you would be surprised by how many parents do.

"Stacey was joking here though, something which lots of parents also do!"

Sleeping in clothes

Stacey was also judged when she let her kids sleep on her bed in their clothes, not pyjamas.

After sharing a candid photo of her snoozing brood one follower commented: "You let them go to bed at 10pm, fully clothed, in your bed?

"Not sure how healthy this can be for them and for you and Joe to sleep among it all."

However, Stacey was quick to fire back.

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Unapologetic, she cited an Eleanor Roosevelt quote which read: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

It seems well-loved Stacey – who has racked up almost six million followers on social media who hang on her every word – has no plans to keep schtum.

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