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AS much as we love our four-legged friends, looking after a dog can also be hard work.

But according to one pet expert, there are some short-haired dog breeds that require almost no effort, making them the perfect fit for those with families and busy schedules.

Chatting exclusively to Fabulous, Axel Lagercrantz, CEO of Pets4Homes, the UK’s largest pet rehoming site, said: ''It’s always important to wash and groom your dog, regardless of the hair length or type it possesses.

''However, generally speaking, when it comes to grooming practices, short haired dog breeds require less work in order to keep their coat clean and healthy.''

Looking for the perfect pet? Here are the top ten breeds the whizz recommended…


Intelligent and gentle, the Greyhound can thrive in all sorts of homes.

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Greyhounds expend their energy in short bursts and don’t require long periods of exercise, instead being suited to a few brief walks a day.

Their short, easy to maintain coat only needs a quick brush once a week.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Originating from the UK, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is an affectionate breed.

They have a single-layered coat which doesn’t tend to shed, making them low-maintenance.

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Although serious-looking they make a good family dog as they are known to be gentle and tolerant of small children. 


The sociable Pointer thrives on company and dislikes being left alone.

The Pointer is best suited for an active family or individual, as they are high-energy dogs and require a couple of hours of intense exercise a day.

They have short, low-maintenance coats that tend not to shed. 

Wire-haired Dachshund

Popular and low-maintenance, the Wire-haired Dachshund is affectionate and loyal with a short, easy to groom coat. 

Jack Russell

A great family dog, the Jack Russell is intelligent and loyal as well as being low-maintenance on the grooming front, needing only a twice-weekly brush.

However, they do shed more in autumn and spring, and require more upkeep during this period. 


Chihuahuas are intelligent and easy to train, although not best suited for families with small children as they can be noisy.

They don’t require frequent grooming and don’t shed excessively, making them lower-maintenance pets.


The loyal Beagle is a great family dog, as they’re affectionate and tolerant to children by nature.

They require routine brushing and moderate exercise, making them quite low-maintenance pets.

Boston Terrier

Eager to please and very affectionate, the Boston Terrier has minimal shedding and a short coat but benefits from a weekly groom. 


The intelligent Affenpinscher originates from Germany, and thrives on company with its humans.

They don’t require a lot of exercise and only need a weekly brush to keep looking smart and clean. 

Cane Corso

A great family pet, the Cane Corso is affectionate and protective without being aggressive.

This breed doesn’t shed much, and their short waterproof coat doesn’t need much maintenance.

However, they are known to drool!

What to know before getting a dog

If you’re looking to rehome a dog, consider whether you can afford the upkeep, including: price of pet food; vaccinations; pet insurance; microchipping; and toys.

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