You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the poodle camouflaged in the backyard in under 15 seconds | The Sun

ONLY those with 20/20 vision have found the poodle hiding in the yard in under 15 seconds.

A dog owner put loyal followers to the test, challenging them to spot the spunky pet.

The owner (@murrayandmabel) shared a photo with their Instagram followers, posing quite the puzzle.

Mabel, a chocolate-brown poodle, went on a walk in the woods but soon found herself feeling a little mischievous.

While on the trip, the trickster hid herself in the field, blending into the background and getting lost to the naked eye.

Her owner decided to put viewers to the test for help in finding their precious pet.

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"Let's play 'Where's Mabel?'" they said, adding the hashtag #camouflage.

Those who attempted to take on the challenge agreed it was difficult to find Mabel.

"I had to really look! You are so silly Mabel!" said one.

At first glance, the poodle is nowhere to be found but maybe a deeper look would do the trick.

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Still struggling? Don't fret, we'll throw you a bone — we've included the solution below.

Camouflaging right in with a log rested Mabel, smiling happily for the perfect shot.

Up for more playtime? See if you can spot the four-leaf clover hidden in the field in under 15 seconds.

Pigs grazed happily on grass, surrounded by clovers as they munched and hunted for sustenance.

As they oinked around, the pigs failed to notice a stand-alone four-leaf clover.

Only those with impeccable vision and a little bit of luck can spot the lone plant.

Found it? There's sure to be a rainbow at the end of your next ophthalmologist visit.

Lady Luck not on your side this time? No problem, we've attached the solution below.

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