First look at Meg Bellamy recreating THAT photo of Kate Middleton

The Crown’s Meg Bellamy recreates moment Kate Middleton caught Prince William’s eye in a sheer dress on the catwalk at university fashion show

  • The 21-year-old actress from Wokingham plays Kate in The Crown series 6
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It has been more than two decades since Kate Middleton first caught the eye of Prince William as she strutted down a catwalk in a sheer dress and black underwear in a charity fashion show at university.

But part two of the final series of The Crown is set to bring the key moment in the blossoming relationship between the now-Prince and Princess of Wales onto our screens.

Photos have emerged of Meg Bellamy, the 21-year-old actress from Wokingham who was plucked from obscurity to play Kate, recreating the royal’s iconic look as she took centre state at St Andrew’s Bay Hotel in 2002.

The first-look images show Meg wearing a recreation of the Charlotte Todd-designed strapless dress with turquoise trim for the scene, with her hair in the same soft ringlet waves.

William is thought to have paid £200 for a ticket to sit on the front row of the show with friends and is rumoured to have turned to one of them and said: ‘Wow, Kate’s hot.’

In first look photos released by Netflix, 21-year-old Meg Bellamy recreates Kate Middleton’s catwalk appearance that first turned Prince William’s head

It is said to be the turning point in the couple’s relationship, as they eventually went from close friends to developing romantic feelings for each other. 

The dress in question went on to sell for a staggering £78,000 at auction following the catwalk show and became one of Kate’s best-known fashion moments.

The pair were studying at St Andrew’s University at the time and met the previous year, although Kate’s catwalk appearance is thought to have been the catalyst for romance.

Kate was working towards an art history degree, while William, who initially enrolled for history of art, had switched to geography. 

Kate Middleton, then 20, first caught Prince William’s eye in a romantic sense when she strutted the catwalk in a sheer dress and black underwear

The second part of the final instalment of the series tells the love story of the Prince and Princess of Wales at university

Ed McVey, who plays Prince William, will depict a royal reaching adolescence as he grapples with worldwide fame while studying

Imelda Staunton and Jonathan Pryce will reprise their roles as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Kate previously revealed it took some time for the two to get to know each other.

‘I think you said I actually went bright red when I met you and sort of scuttled off,’ she recounted to Prince William during their 2010 engagement interview. ‘[I was] feeling very shy about meeting you.’

But as the pair spent more and more time together, they found that they had much in common and enjoyed each other’s company. 

It was the following year that a 20-year-old Kate took to the catwalk for ‘The Art of Seduction’ charity show – which changed the course of her relationship with William.

The events in the second half of the series take place during prime minister Tony Blair’s time in office

Amid a deepening rift between Prince William and Prince Harry in real life, the Netflix series will depict tender moments between the brothers

Lesley Manville (pictured) will reprise her role as Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret

The series will recreate Charles and Camilla’s wedding in 2005 

As part of the series, teenage William and teenage Harry will be shown on a skiing trip with their father

The final six episodes of The Crown, which will be released on Netflix on December 14, will introduce Ms Bellamy as Kate alongside Ed McVey who plays William and Luther Ford as Prince Harry.

Another new picture from the series shows William and Kate sharing a heartfelt moment at university, while another depicts one of William and Harry’s ski trips with their father, Prince Charles.

One scene, made all the more poignant due to their current estrangement, shows a young William and Harry having a drink and a laugh together.

Imelda Staunton, 67, who plays Queen Elizabeth II, can be seen waving to the crowds during her Golden Jubilee in 2002 in another scene.

Earlier this month, following the release of the first four episodes of series six, Netflix teased a clip of Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey recreating Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first kiss at a university event, in the trailer for part two of the royal show.

The final instalment of the big-budget royal drama, which has drawn criticism for scenes depicting the run up to and aftermath of Princess Diana’s death in Paris, will focus on the young royals.

Storylines include Prince William trying to integrate into life at Eton in the wake of his mother’s death as the monarchy has to ride the wave of public opinion.

The show faced fresh criticism this week for reinforcing negative stereotypes about private schools.

The chief executive of the Independent Schools Council, Julie Robinson, said that Netflix’s portrayal of the elite institutions in the drama series is affecting the public’s perception.

Ms Bellamy won the role of Kate when she submitted a self-taped audition after producers put out an opening casting role for the role.

Announcing the casting on Instagram last September, she wrote: ‘Pinch me please… So excited to announce that I will be playing Kate Middleton in Series 6 of Netflix’s The Crown.

‘It is such an honour to be joining the most incredible cast and crew and I will strive to do Kate justice.’

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