I've won the lottery TWICE – now I've got £1million in the bank I'm building a massive golf course in my back garden | The Sun

A MAN who won the lottery twice says that now he's got £1million in the bank he is building a massive golf course in his back garden.

David Lawrence, 67, from Leatherhead in Surrey, won the massive jackpot with the same numbers he played when he scooped a £12,000 prize three years ago.

The lucky punter now plans to create a sprawling crazy golf course in his back garden for people to enjoy.

He said: "It may sound a little crazy but, I am going to build a three-hole crazy golf course in our new back garden.

"Why? I’ve seen over the years that physically engaging activities really do help and inspire young adults with mental health and social care needs.

"Many love Crazy Golf and so do I so my ‘golf course’ will be open to anyone who needs it."

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David revealed that he always chooses the same lotto numbers as a tribute to his late dad.

He said: "Ever since my Dad passed away, we’ve kept playing his lotto numbers.

"We were lucky enough to have won about £12,000 three years ago using his numbers.

"But never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that these same numbers would lead to a £1,000,000 win."

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The retired Day Services Officer for Surrey County Council has devoted his life to helping others, and doesn't intend on stopping anytime soon.

David has spent three decades fundraising and providing essential support services for those living with multiple disabilities.

He said: "I am a true believer that it really is better to give than to receive.

"My fundraising and charity work is more than just a passion for me, it’s my life’s work.

"I am so excited by what I can do with my amazing slice of National Lottery good luck."

A mum whose job is telling Brits they've won thousands of pounds in the lottery says many people never get the cash because of a ridiculous mistake.

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