Woman who admits her body made her go ew strips off to flaunt it anyway

A woman who admitted her body made her go "ew" decided to strip off and flaunt it anyway.

Influencer Brianna, who posts on Instagram under the handle @briannas_day, is known for sharing body positive content with her 30,100 followers. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't suffer a crisis of confidence sometimes.

And that seems like exactly what happened this week, as the mum told her fans she wasn't impressed with her body when she first saw it in the mirror one morning. Despite this, she decided to strip to some racy red lingerie and show it off anyway as she 'life is too short'.

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The photo saw Brianna proudly show off her stomach and stretch marks as she wore a red bustier and matching thong. She was seen looking at her phone in the mirror selfie as she threw one arm over her head.

As well as her curves, Brianna also showed off her arm and hand tattoos in the photo. Keeping it real, she teamed her flesh-flashing display with natural makeup for a fresh-faced look.

Captioning the post, she wrote: "The first thing that came to my mind was when I saw myself this morning 'ew' and I know that came from a place of 'What do people think of me?' No one is immune to those thoughts.

"Out of all that's happening in the last year, that's what my mind went to. Knowing that some people are struggling everyday. Someone's struggling with depression. Someone's struggling with anxiety. Someone's struggling with addiction. Someone slept alone. Someone lost their partner. Someone got divorced.

"Someone was up all night with their baby. Someone is struggling to have a baby. Someone's battling cancer. Someone's grieving their mum or dad. People go through so much, and their body still shows up for them. How magical is that? And I have the audacity to comment on my body like that.

"Life's too short to worry about trivial things like that. This short little time we have here, we should worry more about what we are experiencing. Not the way the world is experiencing us. Maybe I have changed how I looked. Maybe I haven't. Maybe it doesn't matter at all."

Fans were loving the upload as many took to the comments section to praise her honesty. One wrote: "Love this post. The message is so important and sincere. Thank you," while another added: "You always look beautiful and write so perfectly about your experiences."

A third chimed in: "This is my tummy! Thank you for making this normal (and beautiful)."

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Brianna is known for speaking honestly online – and isn't afraid to hit back at trolls. She was seen snapping back at a hater last July after they asked her why she shared an 'ugly' bikini snap.

Brianna replied: "Why does it bother you what a woman being authentic looks like? Why do you still feel so entitled to body shame? Why is it you think woman should only look a certain way? WHY do you have the boldness to tell me what I should/ shouldn’t wear?"

She then added: "Before you ask me 'why', maybe ask your self a few bigger questions first. I have women message me all the time telling me that we have the exact same body and they have never seen anyone with their body type.

"Seeing people realise they are ‘normal’. Seeing people connect over it. Seeing women take their power back. That’s my why."

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