Here’s What We Know About Ryan Seacrest’s New Girlfriend

Ever since Ryan Seacrest started hosting the popular reality singing competition “American Idol” in 2002, his notoriety has grown immensely (via Showbiz CheatSheet). Seacrest is the only cast member who has been with the series since its inception and has become the face of the beloved show. Since skyrocketing to fame, Seacrest has further boosted his recognition as a co-host

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Kim Jong Un: K-pop is a ‘vicious cancer’ that merits work camp, execution

Kim Jong-Un bans skinny jeans and mullets in North Korea ‘Gutfeld!’ react to the dictator’s fear that the fashion trends could influence young people and lead to his overthrow Kim Jong Un is cracking down on DPRK-pop fans. Amid increasing cultural influence from South Korea, the 37-year-old North Korean leader is imposing harsher penalties on citizens caught listening to “perverse”

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