Uber and Lyft have arrived in Metro Vancouver, but a region-wide licence will take more time

The chair of the TransLink Mayors’ Council says a regional ridesharing business licence is still in the works for Metro Vancouver, meaning drivers signing up for Uber and Lyft will have to rely on individual licences for each municipality they plan to operate in. But with the costs of those licences ranging from $25 to over $500 per vehicle, that

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Top 5 films: best of the big screen

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY (133 minutes) M The menacing cyborg famously played by Arnold Schwarzenegger received a family-friendly makeover in James Cameron’s big-budget 1991 sequel to his original The Terminator. The most thrilling scenes belong to a shapeshifting rival (Robert Patrick) brought to life through then-novel digital effects. Digitally projected. Rooftop Cinema, Sunday, 9.30pm Dirty Dancing. DIRTY DANCING (100 minutes)

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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ blasted for being ‘negative’ during climate change discussion

Chris Evans, 53, was blasted for being “negative” on his Virgin Radio breakfast show on Thursday morning after he said “we are done as a race” during a discussion about climate change. Referencing Donald Trump’s latest speech regarding the global issue that has become even more of a pressing matter to life as we know it, Chris was appalled at

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