The WEIRD (and wonderful!) food sold in English football stadiums

Blackburn have a 16-hour slow smoked brisket burger, Bolton’s £9 garlic bread is request only – and there’s an Xbox code on Old Trafford’s hotdog… the WEIRD (and wonderful!) food sold in English football stadiums this season

  • Blackburn’s brisket burger is £13.50 and the Wigan Kebab is a sight to behold! 
  • Mail Sport takes a look at the weird and wonderful world of English football food 
  • England will struggle to win a trophy with Kalvin Phillips – It’s All Coming Off 

Whether it’s steak pies or loaded fries, thousands of fans up and down England enjoy tucking into a matchday meal while watching their beloved teams on the weekend.

It’s fair to say the quality and value of food varies depending on where you go, but now clubs are experimenting with football scran like we’ve never seen before.

With the price of food and drink in football stadiums is rising ever year, several outfits across the country are thinking outside the box in a bid to stand out, from Yorkshire Pudding wraps to hog roast bowls.

But which football club sells the strangest scran in England? Mail Sport takes a look at the weirdest, and most wonderful, food options available in English football.

Some of the prices may surprise you… 

Fans up and down England enjoy tucking into matchday meals while watching their teams

Some of the culinary choices on offer across England are weird and wonderful to say the least

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Derby County – Yorkshire Pudding wrap with gravy, £5 

Those who believe Yorkshire Puddings should only be eaten with roast beef will be tearing their hair out here. 

At Derby, fans can chow down a Yorkshire Pudding wrap for £5 – a relative bargain compared to others on the list.

It’s even accompanied with a charming foil pot of gravy. Britain at its finest.

League One side Derby County sell a Yorkshire Pudding wrap at Pride Park for £5

Bolton Wanderers – Cheesy garlic bread, £9 

For almost double the price, football fans can enjoy a sizeable portion of cheesy garlic bread at Bolton. But travelling supporters rarely tuck into the meal.

That’s because, according to Instagram account FootyScran, it’s not on the menu. The cheesy garlic break is only available on request.

It’s odd Bolton feel the need to keep their mysterious side dish a secret. 

Bolton’s £9 cheesy garlic bread is reportedly only available to fans on request 

Manchester United – Hot dog, £7.60

I get advertising hoardings, shirt sponsors and all that, but surely a branded hotdog is a step to far?

One fan showed off his bizarre £7.60 footlong hot dog at Old Trafford in October because it came with a printed Xbox logo and code. Baffled fans were quick to react on social media.

‘Don’t write on my food,’ one supporter wrote. A fair enough request… 

Old Trafford’s bizarre £7.60 footlong hotdog (above) came with an Xbox code printed on it

‘Don’t write on my food,’ one fan wrote after Manchester United’s hotdog was shared online

Blackburn Rovers – Slow smoked brisket burger, £13.50 

Ewood Park’s burger is a little like Blackburn’s start to the season: slow.

Reportedly smoked for 16 hours, this £13.50 brisket peppercorn whopper is by far the most expensive item on Mail Sport’s weird and wonderful list, with Blackburn opting for high-quality choice on the menu.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from a former Premier League winner.

You can tuck into a 16-hour slow smoked brisket burger for a whopping £13.50 at Blackburn

Hull City – Hog roast bowl, £7.95 

Taking street food to the next level, Hull City have started selling hog roast bowls at the MKM Stadium. 

Tigers fans can enjoy roast pork, waffle fries, crackling, gravy, stuffing and drizzled mustard sauce for just £7.95, which appears more than an upgrade on the standard pie and mash offered up and down the country.

Hull City sell a hog roast bowl which includes crackling, stuffing, gravy and mustard sauce

Congleton Town – The Wigan Kebab, £4.25 

Sit in the MBS Stand at Congleton Town and you may see somebody chomping down a Wigan Kebab. And it’s a sight to behold.

The non-league outfit’s £4.25 specialty is essentially a pie and mushy peas burger. Now, surely, we’ve seen it all.

Congleton Town’s specialty ‘The Wigan Kebab’ is essentially a pie and mushy peas burger


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