Danny Miller in agony following injury amid shock Emmerdale comeback scenes

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has been left in "agony" after he suffered an injury during the dramatic return of his tormented character Aaron Dingle on the ITV soap.

Fans were overjoyed to discover that Aaron was the secret hostage being kept hidden by his uncles Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Caleb Milligan (William Ash) in the abandoned farm house.

But while Aaron still remains a fan-favourite character in the Dales, he is a far cry from what many viewers will remember after leaving the soap in 2021.

Having got mixed up with some bad people during his time living in Italy and spending time with his best pal Adam Barton (Adam Thomas), Aaron is now angry and dangerous.

He is struggling to move forward after the death of his beloved little sister Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele), which saw him briefly return to the village last year.

But the first few scenes of his return weren't far from the truth, as a stricken Aaron was tied up and locked away in the disused building and yelling in pain and anguish the whole time.

Sharing the details of his experience, Danny admitted that he'd had a painful injury, so the opportunity to act the physical elements of being trapped and tied up weren't actually too hard for him.

“Originally, I was just stuck in there but then I had a small issue with my knee which made it easier to write into the storyline that he’d been given a good hiding when he (Aaron) came over (from Italy)," the star explained in a new interview with Leeds Live.

"Not a lot of acting was required with limping because I was in agony," Danny continued.

"It was just great to work with Jeff again and Will who I have known for many years.”

Now that fans know Aaron was the one Cain and Caleb were hiding all along, things are moving quickly in Dales.

With Super Soap Week kicking off and in full swing following the latest instalment, Aaron's mum Chas Dingle also discovered what her brother had done.

Demanding to know what "the hell" Cain had done, she demanded he untie her son so he could continue on with his life.

But Cain was adamant that it would be Chas's "funeral," and that she didn't realise the extent of how much Aaron was struggling in the aftermath of Liv's death, having not yet found a way to grieve her loss.

Elsewhere, Chloe Harris is also struggling after discovering that her fiancé Mackenzie had secretly slept with his ex Charity Dingle and has been hiding it from her in recent weeks.

She started to experience flashes, and it was clear that the soap is gearing up for a dramatic showdown between the trio as the drama builds this week.

Emmerdale continues weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV

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