Kate Garraway fights tears as she details treatment to help Derek speak again

Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway had to fight back her tears during Thursday's show as she spoke about a treatment to help her husband, Derek Draper, speak again.

The 56 year old has been open about Derek’s health battle since he ended up in a coma due to Coronavirus back in 2020.

After a long stint in the hospital, he eventually returned home, but he still needs a lot of care from nurses.

On Thursday, 9 November, Kate provided an update on a treatment that they used to try and improve Derek’s speech during a chat with football legend Chris Kamara.

As Chris, also known as Kammy, opened up about living with apraxia of speech, he thanked Kate for recommending the treatment for him.

The 65 year old said: “Talking to Kate, as you know Ben, I went to Mexico for some experimental treatment, and it’s working.”

Kate explained: “Well it’s wonderful, that’s something I was nervous talking to you about, it’s something Derek has had treatment for.

“I couldn’t guarantee anything, they couldn’t guarantee anything because it’s very new, but you feel it’s really helped you, which is incredible.”

Kammy responded: “Amazing. When I'm not talking about the speech, because it’s psychosomatic so it slows down when you’re talking about it, the brain is so complex.

“So when you talk about good things, like football and stuff like that, my voice goes back, or if I try and put on a Scottish accent, you know you can talk fluently… The brain is crazy.”

Kate added: “It’s so complex and what you're doing as well, talking about that shame that you felt and that it defined you.

“The truth is that any kind of brain injury affects the way that people perceive you, doesn’t it, it affects that relationship with others, so by saying it doesn't define you, you’re championing it for a lot of other people.”

Kammy’s interview left the viewers at home in tears, as he admitted he was “ashamed” that he couldn’t speak.

He told hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid: “The [words] come out very slow, so I thought that defined me. So, my apologies to everybody who’s got a speech condition because it doesn’t define who you are. I get upset talking about it because I was in denial, I was ashamed that I couldn’t speak.”

On social media, one viewer then said: “OMG Chris Kamara as me in tears on #GMB #ChrisKamara a true unbelievable legend.”

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