Top Boy fans want to know what happened with the girl hit by a police car

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Top Boy. 

Top Boy’s third and final outing had plenty of unexpected moments, including a youngster who was run over midway through the penultimate episode.

The Netflix gang drama has come to an end after more than a decade and it’s safe to say the grand finale caused quite the commotion.

In the build-up to the last ever instalment, a lot was going on at the Summerhouse Estate with Mandy (played by NoLay) and other residents leading a passionate protest.

Police had already tried to take away Kieron (Joshua Blisset) and once again arrived on the scene with the idea of evicting residents from their homes but no one was backing down as a group of children were playing football around the estate.

But the situation went from bad to worse when Dushane (Ashley Walters) arrived, having run away from the police who were after him for the murder of Jeffrey (Sean Dingwall), following the betrayal of Lizzie and Lithe.

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He paused, looking at what was happening at Summerhouse when he heard sirens and ran off.

In the next moment, a police car was zooming around the corner just as the little girl was stepping into the road to kick the ball and the car.

The car stopped a bit too late as the girl slammed into the window and fell to the floor, with onlookers shocked and her mum kneeling down and sobbing.

The focus once again turned to Dushane trying to make his escape, leaving some to question what happened.

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What happened with the girl hit by a police car in Top Boy?

The question of the girl’s fate came up in a Top Boy Reddit conversation, with one fan posting: “Did that red head kid get killed by the police or just injured?

“Didn’t look like the car was moving that fast, not sure if I missed the result or not lol did she die or not?

“Coz all i see is people shouting ‘child murderer’ at the cops with no confirmation on whether or not the kid died?! [sic].”

Others on the forum were also left confused by what went on until a fellow subscriber cleared it up.

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They wrote: “Yep. On a recent rewatch in the scene where Stef is in his room reading the news article about Summerhouse.

“It speaks of a young girl that was hit and killed by a police car and how it further worsened the riots.”

This would explain why Top Boy had such a dark ending, with chaos consuming the Summerhouse Estate with violent protests breaking out.

Top Boy is available to watch on Netflix.

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