Brit-Israeli soldier launched bombs back at Hamas but one blew up in his hand

The grandmother of a British-Israeli who was killed during the deadly Hamas attack on a music festival has told how the off-duty soldier bravely tried to defend festivalgoers.

Aner Shapiro is said to have positioned himself in the entrance of a shelter to catch grenades thrown in by the Hamas terrorists.

His grandmother Yamima Ben-Menahem has said he threw back up to seven grenades before the eight blew up in his hand.

Hamas is believed to have killed more than 270 Israelis at the Supernova Festival on October 7.

After Aner Shapiro was killed, Hamas terrorists are understood to have grabbed five or six hostages out of the 30 people who had been sheltering before shooting the rest.

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Yamima Ben-Menahem told Sky News: “When the terrorists came nearer, he stood at the entrance, and when they started throwing grenades into the shelter, he said ‘I’m going to throw them back’, and if I miss one, you do the rest of the work.

“He just stood there and threw back one grenade after the other.

“From what his friends told us he managed to throw back about seven grenades, and then the last one exploded in his hands.”

Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday, October 7 breaking through the Gaza border fence and attacking checkpoints.

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Heavily-armed Hamas fighters stormed bases on the Israeli army killing scores of soldiers and taking others captive.

Next, Hamas turned to the communities near the border striking with no warning and shooting people on sight in the streets and in homes.

In revenge, the Israeli military began bombarding the Gaza Strip with rockers and artillery sending the civilian death toll in the Palestinian enclave soaring.

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