Cave diver nearly drowns squeezing through submerged tunnel in terrifying clip

A nightmarish video has captured the moment a cave explorer panicked after missing an airpocket in an underwater cave causing a near-drowning experience.

The video was captured when a group of adventurers had uncovered a network of caves on an abandoned ranch that was bought by social media star Dr Matt Carriker, from Texas, US. While many people would avoid entering such a dangerous situation, the daredevils decided to jump into the underwater cave.

The lads, known as the Underground Explorers, donning wet suits and cameras on their heads, filmed the harrowing experience inside — which would have been a claustrophobic person's worst nightmare. The cave was submerged with so much water that there is only just enough room for someone to take a breath and see where they're going.

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They made their through the tunnel, trying to keep to the middle part of the roof as there was more space. However, they soon came across an area that was a bit more difficult to navigate as it required them to pull themselves through on their back.

The pair had to look at the roof and hope they were going the right way. One of the explorers filmed their adventure and seemed happy most of the time. But things got scary when one of them moved, and the explorer got nervous.

In their hurry to react, the diver moved to the side, making their friend lose track of the air pocket. The camera went underwater for a few seconds, leaving viewers themselves holding their breath.

Thankfully, he resurfaced and his mate that was backing up also found air again. But he was heavily breathing and seemed shaken by the near-drowning experience he had just endured. Unsurprisingly, he yelled out that he was going to leave the cave immediately.

Both the guys involved in the scary incident were bleeding as a result. The pair have since shared the terrifying clip to YouTube, gaining more than 59,000 views.

Their subscribers were left horrified while watching the clip as they took to the comments declaring it their "biggest fear". One user wrote: "My biggest fear is drowning this was a hard watch glad you’re safe."

Another added: "Honestly, even though I'm not in the cave I had chills down my spine and praying for your safety." A third commented: "That's crazy man. Don't know how you all have the courage to go in a water cave like that. I would have a heart attack! Glad you all made it out fine."

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