Chilling moment Brit mum's lover confessed he slit her husband's throat while he slept after she poisoned his biryani | The Sun

THIS is the chilling moment a Brit wife's lover confessed he slit her husband's throat in his sleep after she poisoned his Biryani curry.

In a taped confession, Gurpreet Singh revealed how he and Ramandeep Kaur Mann murdered dad-of-two Sukhjit Singh in a savage plot.

Gurpreet told cops he received a call from Ramandeep between 5 and 6pm and was asked to come to her house later that evening – at around 10-10:30pm.

He said he took a cab to the address, taking a knife with him.

"She said 'we're going to have to kill him'," Gurpreet told cops.

"He was struggling. She was smothering him with a pillow. I hit him with a hammer over his head.

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"She said he still wasn't dead so she gave me the knife I brought with me and I cut his throat."

He added: "It took her about 15-20 minutes to open the door.

"The whole thing took another 20-30 minutes once I was inside.

"As soon as I did it, I got scared and thought 'what have I done?'"

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Laced with sedatives, Sukhjit had no idea his favourite Biryani curry would be his last.

He went to bed that night only for his British wife of 11 years, to smother him with a pillow.

Her lover – Sukhjit's childhood best friend – then burst into the room, smashing the 34-year-old's head in with a hammer.

Gurpreet finished him off by slitting his throat, leaving Sukhjit to bleed to death inside his own mother's home.

The savage murder in northern India was the culmination of a twisted plot to seize £2 million in life insurance and £100,000 in assets.

Ramandeep, now 38, and Gurpreet planned to start a new life with the cash.

The pair got closer due to her struggles with Sukhjit's alleged drug addiction, Gurpreet told cops in the video.

He explained how the wife allegedly had multiple arguments with her late husband, and how she wanted to die because of it.

"It was because of this that they started arguing," Gurpreet said in the confession tape.

"She was sick and tired of it all. She confided in me and from that we became close."

Ramandeep and Gurpreet's barbaric holiday murder in Basantapur, Uttar Pradesh, near the border of Nepal, was foiled.

It was witnessed by the couple's eldest son Arjun, then just nine.

His twisted mum hoped sedatives in the curry would knock the lad out before she killed Sukhjit, but Arjun wasn't hungry that night.

He didn't eat enough for the drugs to kick in and just after 10pm he awoke to the sound of his dad struggling as his mum smothered him.

Arjun later told police: "My dad was great but my mum was bad and I don't want to see her face ever because she killed my dad in front of my eyes.

"She kept a pillow on my dad's face and asked Gurpreet to slit his throat."

It was only in October 2023 that Ramandeep and Gurpreet were finally convicted of Sukhjit's murder.

Ramandeep has now been sentenced to death by hanging, her lawyers have appealed and could change the sentence to life in prison.

Gurpreet was jailed for life and fined £3,000 but spared the death sentence.

Ramandeep's family claim she was set up by Sukhjit's family in an elaborate conspiracy, claiming they wanted him dead for plans to sell family land.

The Manns even paid to get their eldest daughter out of prison, serving remand at family friends in rural India.

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After the sentencing in India, Sukhjit's mother told reporters her "prayers were answered".

It is unclear when Ramandeep will meet the hangman's noose.

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