My unborn baby died after I flew to Turkey for gastric band surgery – careless medics didn’t even tell me I was pregnant | The Sun

A HEARTBROKEN mum who lost an unborn baby after gastric band surgery in Turkey has claimed the hospital failed to tell her she was pregnant.

Shauna Samuel, 28, was left severely ill after undergoing a weight-loss operation in Izmir and was rushed to hospital when she came back to the UK.

The mum-of-two thought the surgery on July 20 had gone smoothly at the clinic – but she soon started noticing signs that something was wrong when she couldn't stop vomiting.

Shauna made it back to the UK but her symptoms didn't subside and she eventually ended up in hospital with severe dehydration.

Medics carried out multiple tests and scans in a bid to find out why she was so sick – and the stunned 28-year-old was told she was eight weeks pregnant with twins.

Tragically, she then lost one of the twins at 13 weeks.

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Speaking to The Sun, Shauna said: "It would have meant I was five weeks when I had the op done.

"Obviously the doctors [in Turkey] would have seen that in my pre-op tests, and they didn't tell me and still did the op anyway.

"Why didn't they tell me? They didn't even give me a choice.

"It's messed up. One of the twins hasn't made it."

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After being told the news by doctors in Wales, the mum reached out to the hospital in Turkey – asking why she was not told about her pregnancy when the tests took place.

Shauna claimed she was ignored on multiple occasions but eventually received her medical notes.

She had undergone blood checks and an ultrasound before the op.

As she sifted through the files with a nurse friend, it was pointed out that Shauna had pregnancy hormone levels of around 227 – which translates to roughly around five weeks pregnant.

Devastated Shauna said she feels betrayed, and can't enjoy being pregnant as her pleas for answers continue to be ignored.

She has been waiting for more than six weeks for an explanation or apology from the hospital as she battles through the tragic loss of her unborn baby.

"There's still one in there but I can't have tests and stuff on it now to check if everything's okay because the other twin didn't make it," Shauna said.

"So I've just got to chance it here really.

"They can't do any of those tests now because the other twin is still there, but there was no heartbeat.

"I've got staples in my stomach and everything's not healed properly yet.

"I need to adjust to having a gastric sleeve, so I'm not eating enough for myself, let alone to grow one baby or two.

"I've waited now a month-and-a-half for an explanation or even an apology or an acknowledgement that they messed up."

Shauna has been in contact with solicitors back home in Wales – but she claims that they "won't touch the case" due to the controversy that surrounds surgery in Turkey.

"They said to me, as long as everything's okay with the pregnancy, then there's nothing we can do," she added.

Shauna now wants to warn others about the risks of having surgery in Turkey.

According to the NHS, it is recommended that those who undergo gastric band surgery avoid becoming pregnant for at least 18 months following the treatment.

"During this period you will be experiencing rapid weight loss. Therefore, you are most at risk of nutritional deficiencies which may cause both maternal and fetal complications during the pregnancy," it says.

The Sun Online has approached the Turkish hospital for comment.

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