Raging drunk bloke on Ryanair flight said he would not be f***ing getting off’

A Ryanair passenger kicked off in a drunken rage as he refused to leave the Tenerife-bound plane.

Daniel Day, 32, boarded the flight from Manchester Airport stinking of booze and erupted into a furious stand-off in objection to his pal being asked to exit due to illness, on July 16 this year.

After then being asked to get out the plane as well, the drunk businessman began 'high-fiving' passengers and fumed he would not be "f***ing getting off", that was at least until police dragged him out, MEN reports.

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Minshull Street Crown Court heard Day decided to stand in the middle of the aisle before high fiving the other passengers and holding onto the seats. The captain's request to kick him off did not go down well and he resisted until restrained by officers.

Day, of Carlisle, has now handed a suspended sentence after admitting an offence of being drunk on a plane.

Police were on duty at the airport when they received reports of a ‘disruptive passenger’ at 4.40pm on July 16 this year. Six officers attended the flight, which had taxied away from the gate but had not taken off.

“Cabin crew reported the defendant had been causing a disturbance on the plane. His friend was asked to leave the flight due to illness, and at this point the defendant became disruptive, vocal and angry that his friend was being removed from the flight,” prosecutor Megan Edwards said.

Due to Day’s behaviour, the captain made the decision to have him removed also, but after staff asked him to leave he refused. He became ‘verbally aggressive’, telling both staff and passengers to ‘f*** off’.

“He said he would not be ‘f***ing getting off’. As police officers approached him he was standing in the middle of the aisle,” Ms Edwards continued. “As officers approached him they told him he had to leave, and he initially complied but then began to high five the other passengers and holding on to the back of the seats.”

Day was then restrained by the officers before being removed. Officers could smell alcohol on his breath, the court heard. Mitigating, Niamh Ingham said her client sustained a cut to his face and back whilst exiting the plane.

“He is a hard-working man who owns his own company, laying gas mains and electric mains,” she said. “The defendant is deeply sorry and remorseful and he wishes to assure he will never be before the court again."

Sentencing, Recorder Mark Ford KC: “You pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft and as a result you had to be taken from that aircraft by the police.”

Day, of Forest Hill, Carlisle, was handed three months imprisonment which was suspended for two years, 150 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay £530 court costs.

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